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Chapter 1744: Two Reasons

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“Colonel Lu must have captured you on purpose!” someone said.

“I have mentioned this.

I didnt know he was the one who led the Blue team when he captured me.

When the Blue Team attacked the Red Team, Colonel Shao left a message and told me to deal with it myself.

I believed in my skills.

I thought I could escape and save some points for the Red Team.

If I had known it was Lu Xingzhi, I would have sacrificed my tag with Jing Mengjie and the others.

No matter how good my skills are, how could I possibly be better than Lu Xingzhi” Jiang Yao spread out her hands and shrugged.

“He was the one who taught me how to fight.

Did you think I could have defeated him Did you think he would have given me a chance to sacrifice my tag”

After Jiang Yao finished speaking, she patted Old Yangs shoulder and told him to return to his team.

Then, she said, “Ive already said enough.

If you still think that Im why you lost that match, dont blame me for my words.

If you believe that, youll definitely lose every match in the future.”

Shao Fucheng, who was standing far away and talking to the leader, noticed the smile on Lu Xingzhis face.

He nodded to the leader and walked to his team.

He said, “Miss Jiang is right.

If you still think that, then we will never win any match in the future.”

Shao Fucheng was very surprised when he learned about the relationship between Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi, but he did not think that their result had anything to do with Miss Jiang.

He believed that Miss Jiang was not that kind of person, and Hades Lu would never rely on women to win anything.

“We lost the drill for two reasons.

One, we underestimated our opponent, and two, our skills were inferior,” Shao Fucheng said.

“You thought we had some advantage when you found out that our opponents were from the Special Forces team.

You thought they had been training in the mountains for several months and were already exhausted.

That was how you underestimated them.

Coupled with our inferior skills, why are you surprised that we lost”

Shao Fucheng did not understand Lu Xingzhis combat habits and methods.

Therefore, the drill was a trial and a challenge.

Both of them had no understanding of the other partys combat methods.

Lu Xingzhi led his men to train in the mountains for a few months, but they did not exhaust their energy.

Instead, they trained to be in their best state, allowing them to join the drill in their peak strength.

Shao Fucheng knew that he had also underestimated his opponent—Colonel Lu.

Otherwise, he would not have been captured by Lu Xingzhi and lost so badly.

The field troops had always been victorious in that exercise in the past.

When the southern military heard that their field troops were in that drill, they had high hopes for them.

That was why the Red Team thought they would get an easy win.

Hence, they had underestimated their opponents.

The Special Forces team included all the elite soldiers.

They were the best soldiers in their previous units.

The military had arranged that exercise to train the field troops.

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