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Chapter 1743: She Is Mighty

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Jiang Yao stood there and sneered, “What ability do you think I have to send a message to the Blue Team All the information about that drill was kept secret.

Before entering the mountain, we didnt even know what we would do, what our mission was, and who wed be in that drill.

The special forces team was in closed-door training.

You are also a soldier.

You should know that they have been in closed-door training for several months.

Even though I am his wife, I didnt know he was on the Blue Team before I was caught.

I also didnt know that the Blue Team was the special forces.

What kind of information can I provide them”

Jiang Yao snorted, “The doctors are like a burden on your team.

Colonel Shao didnt tell us the details of that drill at all.

You thought the female doctors should sacrifice our tags, so you wont tell us anything.

When the Blue Team attacked the Red Teams command center, I used my ability to escape through the window.

At that time, I thought that I had a chance to escape.

I can also tell you that if I had known that the person from the Blue Team chasing me was Lu Xingzhi, I would have sacrificed my tag just like Jing Mengjie and the others and not dragged you down.”

Jiang Yaos words were sonorous and powerful, and her eyes were filled with determination.

There was not the slightest bit of fear.

Even in the face of everyones doubts, she would never allow anyone to slander her, not even Lu Xingzhi!

“One more thing, if I had wanted to help the Blue Team, I could have revealed my identity as his wife after he caught me.

You would have undoubtedly felt that the drill was unfair when you knew my situation.

You would have treated the training with a negative attitude.

The Blue Team would have won very quickly if that was the case.

Why would they have to wait until today”

She hated it when someone accused her falsely and blindly.

No one was allowed to do that!

“Lu Xingzhi and I did not tell anyone about our relationship because we thought that you would figure it out eventually.

In the beginning, no one even knew about the Red Teams soldiers.

I believe that you only found out about it after the end of the exercise, right”

Jiang Yao asked, “So, tell me, what reason do you have to blame me What gives you the right to shift the blame to me Tell me again, what useful information could I have passed to the Blue Team to affect the outcome of that exercise”

Then, Jiang Yao stood there and swept her gaze across the Red Team.

She stood up straight.

No one could answer Jiang Yaos question because they realized that she really did not have any information about the Red Team.

The Blue Team had captured her just as the operation had started.

By then, she had lost all communication with the Red Team.

Furthermore, Colonel Shao never said anything about the Red Teams arrangements and operations to those doctors.

She was also right about one thing.

Colonel Shao had treated the female doctors as sacrificial lambs from the beginning, so he did not think it was necessary to tell them anything.

“She is right!” Old Yang took the lead and applauded Jiang Yao.

“She is so mighty!”

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