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Chapter 1741: Why Are You Back

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Jiang Yao shifted her gaze toward Lu Xingzhi.

“Otherwise, if we plant such fruit trees, the people who move in later may think they are in the way and may remove them.”

“I will do as you say.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“It makes no difference where I live.

As long as you like it here, it is fine with me.”

Lu Xingzhi did not care where he lived as long as she was there.

Jiang Yao followed Lu Xingzhi out of the military compound shortly after one oclock.

Even though it was the warmest time of the year, the two of them did not encounter anyone on their trip to the military base.

Everyone was already waiting for them at the scheduled location.

They drove everyone to the meeting spot after everyone from the drill had arrived.

The meeting point was at the Red Teams location.

Commissar Wang was waiting for Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi as soon as they got out of the vehicle.

Commissar Wangs demeanor was a little excited when he saw Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi together.

He smiled at Lu Xingzhi before turning to face Jiang Yao.

“I was surprised to learn that Miss Jiang is Colonel Lus wife.

He must have razor-sharp eyes to get such a lovely girl for a wife.”

“I do what I must,” Lu Xingzhi said indifferently, although his tone was tinged with pride.

Commissar Wang smiled but said nothing further.

He led the Blue Team members directly to the conference hall, while Jiang Yao stayed at the side, “When Miss Jiang first arrived here, I thought that she was different from other ladies.

She was the most stable one out of all the doctors.

Now it appears that there is a reason behind that.

A soldiers wife will usually have the self-awareness that comes with being from a military family, and they are also more reasonable than the average woman.”

Then, Commissar Wang abruptly moved the subject to Lu Xingzhi.

He said, “Even though I am from the Red Team, I have to acknowledge that Colonel Lu won that exercise pretty brilliantly.

However, I am intrigued.

Colonel Lu, when did you find out that Miss Jiang was on our Red Teams medical team”

“I discovered that when I caught her,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“At first glance, I already recognized my wife.

She was acting like a fool; she did not recognize me.”

Jiang Yao sneered, but she was discreetly watching Commissar Wang.

His query was intriguing, and Lu Xingzhis response was even better.

When she heard Commissar Wangs question, Jiang Yao had a horrible feeling.

Was it true that the Red Team was skeptical of the drill due to her identity

Otherwise, why would Commissar Wang raise that question

The Red Team members arrived earlier than the Blue Team members.

The Red Team members were already seated when Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi arrived.

“Why dont you sit over there, Miss Jiang Even if you are Colonel Lus wife, you are still a member of the Red Team.

The doctors are in that row.” When Commissar Wang arrived at the door, he motioned for Jiang Yao to go first.

Jiang Yao nodded and then parted ways with Lu Xingzhi to join the Red Team.

“Miss Jiang, didnt you leave with the Blue Team What are you back here”

When the Red Team saw Jiang Yao, someone on the team inquired in a hushed tone.

“What are you doing” A fool could not miss the sarcasm and criticism in his words.

“What is the matter” Wang Meiyu returned to the team in the afternoon and noticed that the Red Team was down.

When she heard that the Red Team had lost the drill, she assumed that everyone was upset because they had lost..

She hurriedly stood up when she noticed that someone was after Jiang Zao.

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