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Chapter 174: Enemies Narrow Path

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Yao left the room and went to the lobby.

After waiting for about five minutes, she saw a taxi driving up to the entrance of the hotel and Chen Xuyao disembarking the taxi.

He wore a gray T-shirt and a pair of jeans, looking like a freshman in college.

Although she had never had any impression of Chen Xuyao, she recognized the man at a glance.

Her instinct told her that he was the guy.

“Hi Jiang Yao,” Chen Xuyao greeted after getting the change from the driver.

After a quick glimpse, he felt that Jiang Yao was better looking than on her wedding day.

Although she was wearing a red dress as she did on her wedding day, the impression was totally different.

She stood there with a warm smile on her face, very lively and energetic, becoming the center of attraction.

“Jiang Yao, why are you staying at the hotel”

Chen Xuyao had already wanted to ask her this when they were talking on the phone.

He finally succumbed to his curiosity and quickly asked, worried that it was because of Qi Xiangs harassment that she couldnt even stay in school now.

“I just took leave, Im staying here with Xingzhi tonight,” Jiang Yao explained with a smile.

“Your Brother Lu is here too.

He took an overnight trip and just arrived this morning.”

“Is he Did you tell him about Qi Xiang” Chen Xuyao frowned in confusion.

Did she intend to make the matter worse

Jiang Yao shook her head.


I only knew about his visit after I bumped into him at the hospital this morning.

He was here for his army duty and he didnt even tell me before he arrived.”

Jiang Yao knew what Chen Xuyao was thinking at a quick glance at his expression.

She didnt even want him to come, so how was it possible that she summoned Lu Xingzhi all the way from Jindo just for a menial matter like this

She would have mentioned it to Lu Xingzhi if Qi Xiang and Zhang Xiqing were still harassing her, but Qi Xiang had been punished for his wrongdoings.

Zhang Xiqing was just an unimpressive opponent whose bark was worse than her bite.

Why would she tell Lu Xingzhi about it Just to make him nervous and concerned in the base

Moreover, if the Zhang family stretched their ill-intended claws at her, she had the Huang family to back her up now.

Chen Xuyao heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that he must be expressing his emotions too obviously that even she could see right through him.

Chen Xuyao asked Jiang Yao to wait for him.

She was standing beside him when he went to the front desk to check-in.

He turned his head to ask which floor she was staying at and she answered before remaining quiet.

Zhang Xiqing and Zhang Xinan were at the entrance when they saw Jiang Yao talking to a man in front of her.

Zhang Xinans eyes were like a pair of precision radars that could detect beautiful girls accurately and quickly.

He lay eyes on the pretty woman in the red dress almost instantly.

“Hey, isnt that your collegemate Wow, she is prettier today!” Zhang Xinan smacked his lips flirtatiously.

“Do you know her Lets go and say hi! You can also introduce her to me.”

Zhang Xiqing could read what Zhang Xinan was thinking like the back of her hand.

Her eyes were burning with an extreme rage of fury as she glared at Jiang Yao.

The embarrassment that she suffered at the opening ceremony this morning was still vivid in her mind.

“Hmph! I was right, that girl is an escort, she is a sugar baby! So what if she is married A lot of women cheat on their husbands anyway!” Zhang Xiqing snorted in disgust.

“She is very nasty.

Why would I know her”

Zhang Xinan was taken unawares by Zhang Xiqings remarks and he gaped in surprise.

He returned his gaze at the girl in the red dress again.

He thought that such a girl was the naïve and pure type.

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