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It was unclear if the notion came from Old Yang or Lu Xingzhi.

On the other hand, Jiang Yao believed it was most likely Lu Xingzhis idea.

Otherwise, Old Yang would not have picked wild fruits for her.

They had to travel further to acquire water because there was no water source near the bamboo grove.

Jiang Yao did not go out of her way to investigate the situation around them.

She moved over to help the troops who were constructing the tents.

“Miss Jiang! Miss Jiang! Let us men do these things! You should take a seat by the side and relax!” Even if he did not know Miss Jiang was the Colonels wife, Old Yang would never allow a female doctor to perform such a task.

Furthermore, since he knew Miss Jiang was his colonels wife, he was even more committed to assisting his colonel in caring for her.

However, as she rolled up her sleeves, Old Yang hurriedly drew her aside when he turned around.

Old Yang and the others had been stationed in the bamboo forest for three days.

Old Yang gradually dispersed the people he had brought with him during those three days.

Only he remained on the third day.

Jiang Yao could not entirely understand the arrangements significance at first, but she had a good idea after the third day.

That bamboo forest was in a distant and difficult-to-find spot in the mountains.

Old Yang most likely brought the Red Team captives there to keep them away from the command center.

In the end, only Old Yang remained.

That essentially proved that the Red Team captives were useless.

Jiang Yao, Liu Chao, and the others might have been captured, but they could have revived their status.

However, they had to get their tags before the exercise ended.

Old Yang was there, but their tags were not on him.

The Blue Team had already dispersed.

The captives had no idea who had their tags, and with Old Yang watching them, there was no way they could escape.

Jiang Yao guessed that the exercise was coming to a close and that the Red Team and Blue Team results would be published soon.

Her fellow captives seemed to have drawn the same conclusion.

They had been relatively free-spirited in the previous two days.

When they were bored, they would talk to Old Yang.

They would talk about news from the military.

They sat there and spoke about their past missions that were worth discussing.

As a result, the bamboo forests environment was extraordinarily harmonious.

On the seventh day, at midnight, while Jiang Yao was still in the bamboo grove, Old Yang abruptly announced that the drill had concluded.

Liu Chao was almost in tears when he heard that it had finally come to an end.

When he reflected on how that dreadful day had finally ended, he inquired about the outcome.

When he heard that, Old Yang scoffed.

“Do you still need to ask that The Blue Team, of course, won! Colonel Lu had apprehended Colonel Shao!”

“How is this even possible Hades Lu is formidable, but Colonel Shao is no pushover!” When they heard that, the two hostages faces paled.

It was alright if the Red Team lost, but it would be too humiliating if the Blue Teams Colonel caught the Red Teams Colonel.

“If you dont trust me, you will see when we arrive at the mountain base.” Old Yang was in a good mood.

He could not bring himself to argue with the two captives.

He turned to Jiang Yao and asked, “Miss Jiang, please pick up your belongings.

We will descend the mountain in no time at all..

The team leader will personally accompany us down the mountain.”

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