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Chapter 1733: Dont Worry About Your Meeting

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“Youre laughing” Xiao Gao was furious when he saw Jiang Yao laughing.

“How dare you laugh”

“Why wouldnt I laugh” Jiang Yao decided not to hold it in and laughed out loud.

“You obviously havent seen her before, but you two are lying through your teeth.

Its as if youre telling the truth.

If I were not sure that I hadnt seen you two, you might have tricked me.”

“We already said weve seen her before! In Rong County, she was at the front line and even saved some people.

She is also a doctor!” Xiao Gao was so angry that he stomped his feet.

It looked like the young was not as steady as the old.

Old Yang immediately noticed that Jiang Yaos smile did not seem like she was embarrassed.

Instead, it was genuine and gentle.

The most important thing was what she said at the end.

“Youre still lying.

Ive never seen you before.” Jiang Yao imitated Xiao Gao and stomped her feet.

That time, Xiao Gao was so angry that he did not say another word and just glared at her.

Old Yang finally understood what Jiang Yao said.

His brain turned on, and he immediately reacted.

He clapped his hands and was extremely excited.

“Youre his wife! Youre his wife!”

Old Yang turned around and slapped the back of Xiao Gaos head.

He grinned and said, “You idiot, why cant you understand Miss Jiang is his wife.

Colonel Lus wife is Miss Jiang! ”

Old Yangs face was filled with excitement when he thought of that.

“Miss Jiang, you are Colonel Lus wife, right”

“You finally got it” Jiang Yao nodded.

Old Yang raised his hand and slapped his thigh heavily.

“I told you that Colonel Lu isnt the kind of person who doesnt have a sense of responsibility! How could we have been so stupid He treasured those paper cranes so much he wouldnt have done that behind his wifes back.

Who else would he kiss and hug if not his wife”

Old Yang did not intend to tease Jiang Yao on purpose.

However, when she heard him speak so bluntly about what happened the previous day, Jiang Yao blushed.

Fortunately, her face was painted, so they did not notice it.


Lu, Colonel Lu loves you very much.

You must not have seen the thousand paper cranes that you gave him.

He treasures it so much.

He hugs and looks at it daily.” Old Yang smiled very comfortably at that moment and said, “I was worried about last night.

Im relieved to know that its you.

However, how did you become a doctor for the Red Team”

“The university arranged it.

When I accepted this mission, I didnt know that the Blue Team was you guys.

Shao Fucheng didnt tell us anything about your troops when we arrived at the mountain.

Therefore, I didnt know that the Blue Team was the special forces.

I didnt know until your colonel caught me.” Jiang Yao shrugged.

“It was an accident.

Theres nothing we can do.

He refused to let me go back to the Red Team and insisted on bringing me back here as a captive.

Im afraid that if my identity is made public, it will affect the Red Team and the drill.”

“Your consideration is reasonable.” Old Yang nodded.

He thought that Jiang Yaos consideration was correct.

“If the Red Team finds out about it, they may feel that that drill is unfair and may even feel uncomfortable about it.”

Then, Old Yang chuckled again.


Lu, dont worry about meeting with Colonel Lu in the future.

Xiao Gao and I will keep watch for you!”

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