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Chapter 1728: Youre Too Sweet

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Lu Xingzhi drew Jiang Yao to his side and sat down when he noticed she was staring at him.

“It is not that I am trying to be brave; it is just that I am quite familiar with my own body.

When I am on a mission in the winter, it is not uncommon for me to spend a few hours lurking in the water.

My body is unique.

The water that you believe is cold is actually quite warm for me.”

Lu Xingzhi gently explained to her since he knew she was frightened.

He felt terrible, even if she did nag a little.

Furthermore, as he spoke with her, he bent down and removed her shoes and socks, which he placed by the fire to dry.

Then he wrapped his coat around her feet, which he had left by the side before entering the river.

“The routes in the mountains are difficult to navigate.

Dont stomp your feet.”

Lu Xingzhis caring deeds cut through all of his remarks.

Her shoes and socks were wet, so the temperature was too cold for her.

However, there was a little bit of warmth seeping into her heart from the soles of her feet at that moment.

She was enraged, so it did not take long for her to detect the aroma of the fish.

Lu Xingzhi was aware that Jiang Yao was staring at him, but he did not say anything to divert her attention.

It was not until he smelled the grilled fish that he picked up the fish and placed it in front of his nose to smell it.

He reached out and tore a small piece of the fish, put it on his lips, and blew on it.

After it was cold, he brought the fish to Jiang Yaos lips and said, “Lets see if it tastes good.”

Jiang Yao opened her mouth and bit into the fish, chewing on it twice.

The aroma had exceeded her expectations.

Jiang Yao was overjoyed.

“Did you bring salt and spices I expected the fish to taste rather fishy without the seasonings.”

However, that was not the case.

Not only did the fish not taste fishy, but it was also a little salty.

Aside from that, there was another flavor that tasted like spices.

“If it is tasty, then you should eat more.” Jiang Yao took the tree branch from Lu Xingzhi.

“It is quite hot.

Blow on it first.

My heart aches as I watch you drink water and eat dry food with us for so many days while youre here.”

That was why he brought her there in the middle of the night.

She might have to sleep later than planned, but she could take a nap in the morning to make up for it.

“I used grass to remove the fishy taste when I prepared it.

I even tucked some herbs into the fishs belly before roasting it.

These herbs can be found throughout the mountains.

It is a type of herb,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I learned it while doing wilderness survival training in the mountains.”

“Do you frequently sneak out at night to barbecue fish”

Jiang Yao examined the fishs belly and noticed the grass and leaves inside.

“Do I come off as that kind of person”

Lu Xingzhi posed the rhetorical question to Jiang Yao.

Then he said, “Coming out here to train is typically really tiresome.

It is sufficient to have dry food and water to keep our stomachs full.

Who wants to catch fish, kill and grill them when they do not even have time to rest”

Lu Xingzhi would not have gone to the pool if Jiang Yao were not there.

He was not particular about eating, and he also did not like getting into trouble.

“You are too sweet!” Jiang Yao realized Lu Xingzhi was worried that she could not get used to the food.

He felt terrible when he saw her unhealthy food ration, so he brought her there to eat meat.

He had stood in the cold water to try to get some fish for her to eat.

“Its good that you realize it now.” Although Lu Xingzhi was pleased with Jiang Yaos compliment, he remained neutral..

The smile in his eyes had long revealed his state of mind.

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