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Chapter 1723: Two Spies

Xiao Gao scratched his head and asked, “Colonel, you dont seem surprised about the Red Teams doctor being a fake.” Of course, what he wanted to ask was why the Colonel had spoken to Miss Jiang alone for so long the moment he returned.

Xiao Gao had observed Miss Jiang the entire day.

Even though the Colonel had been with her the whole night, he confirmed that the man had not done anything to her.

“Colonel Lu had guessed it last night.

We were in the mountains today looking for the Red Partys secret base and looking for the whereabouts of Colonel Shao and the others.” Old Yang said, “Last night, Colonel Lu told us that the Red Partys doctor had also escaped and had been transferred to another place by Shao Fucheng.

However, the doctors on here are not all fake.

“Liu Chao is a doctor,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“He doesnt look like a soldier.

Ive looked at his hands.

His fingernails are short, and his fingers are very clean.

He often goes to the stream to wash his hands.

Its obvious that he has a slight obsession with cleanliness.”

“Thats true.

How many soldiers can have that kind of behavior “Xiao Gao recalled that it was indeed the case.

Liu Chao did not look like a soldier at all.

Instead, he had a slight obsession with cleanliness.

He also never suspected the others because of Liu Chao.

“The information from the scouts was not wrong.

The doctors on the Red Team include four women and three men.

Shao Fucheng had given up on the three women doctors.

The other two male doctors must not have acted like doctors at first glance.

They might even be people who usually exercised and had good physical strength.

That way, they would not be a burden for Shao Fucheng when he took them away.”

“Its not easy for us to find two people like them among the Red Team.” Old Yang nodded in agreement.

“Shao Fuchengs surprise attack last night was never meant to capture our doctors.” Lu Xingzhi drank a mouthful of water and put the bottle on the table before continuing to say, “He just let us capture the two captives on purpose and so that he could let them spy on us.

It wont be long before Shao Fucheng saves the two of them.

Therefore, those two people are his real targets.

They are used to gather information in our command center.

Rather than saying that they are spies, they are more like spies.

Xiao Gao looked at Colonel Lu with a heart-warming expression.

“Colonel Lu is really extraordinary.

Hes taken notice of Colonel Shaos little schemes.”

“Shao Fucheng probably wouldnt have thought that he had arranged for a fool to come here.

He had revealed his identity as a spy.

You guys did not see it.

It was so funny! Someone from the Red Team even beat him up.”

“Today, when we heard the news from the command center, we also burst into laughter.

Shao Fucheng will definitely die when he finds out!” Old Yang patted Xiao Gaos shoulder.

“You can stay at the command center and keep an eye on them.

You can lead them in an act in the next few days.”

“Lead them Are you serious” Xiao Gao immediately jumped in excitement.

He clenched his fist.

“Colonel Lu, dont worry..

Even though Im the youngest in the group, I will not make any idiotic mistake!”

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