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Chapter 1717: Chased By Him

“Its hard for doctors to save lives and help the injured, but its even harder for soldiers to protect our country.

In the past, I always thought that it was not easy to be a doctor, but later, I found out that it was even harder for soldiers like you.” Jiang Yao raised her hand and patted the soldiers shoulder to show her respect for him.

“We can live and work in peace because of soldiers like you.

Thank you for your hard work.”

Then, she dried her hands and said, “Im done.

Ill go eat something.”

Jiang Yao looked at the soldier, who seemed moved by her words, and turned around to return to the command center.

She laughed discreetly.

Most of the young soldiers in the army were young and innocent.

Just a few words from her, and she had already managed to trick them.

She could try to trick them as much as she could.

Anyway, she must not let Lu Xingzhi enter her tent at night!

She would not do it even if she had to die!

That soldier only realized that Jiang Yao had distracted him with another topic after she had left.

He recalled her words and tone of voice.

He deduced that nothing had happened the previous night.

She did not seem forced at all, nor did she have to force a smile.

There was no sadness in her eyes either.

She had behaved the same way, always gentle.

Therefore, the soldier left in a lighter mood.

He was no longer as worried as he had been when he returned to the command center.

He was even more relieved when he saw Jiang Yao chatting with the other female soldiers from the Blue Team.

He had known that there were no immoral soldiers in the army—not even a person like Hades Lu would do something like that.

It was impossible.

Jiang Yao was chatting with the female soldiers from the Blue Team when she spotted the soldier.

She waved at him and waited for him to leave before she continued to chat with the other female soldiers.

Those female soldiers were talking about Lu Xingzhi.

She had heard them mention his name, so she went to ask them about it.

However, the topic of their conversation scared her.

“You must not have heard about this, but Colonel Lu had chased after all the women in our regiment,” the female soldier spoke arrogantly.

It was as if she was proud of that.

Jiang Yao was astounded.

“Women Chased by him”

He had chased after so many women Did he also accept them into the special forces

Had he been a womanizer before they met Had he planned to find a wife in the army, so he chased after the female soldiers whenever he saw them Did he give up when they rejected him, and then he met her by accident

It did not sound like something he would do.

Everyone who knew Lu Xingzhi would say that he was an emotionally stunted person before he met her.

How could such a person be a philanderer

“Miss Jiang, dont listen to what theyre saying.”

The soldier from the Red Team stood beside Jiang Yao and said, “Everyone in the army knows about that.

Colonel Lu had single-handedly eliminated all the female soldiers in the selection process for the special forces.

It was a huge mountain, and none of the men went after those female soldiers.

So, Colonel Lu went looking for them to eliminate them.

The Chief was so angry that he almost became sick..”

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