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Chapter 1714: Didnt Expect You To Be That Kind Of Person

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“Me Am I squatting” Xiao Gao looked around in confusion.

After a few seconds, he scratched his head and slowly recovered his senses.

“Colonel! Its already dawn.

Why did you only come out now”

Xiao Gao scratched his head.

“Colonel, even if you were to interrogate the captives, you should not have stayed inside until dawn!”

“Im going to interrogate the captives.” Lu Xingzhi threw Xiao Gao a look as if to ask if he were stupid.

That was just a drill.

Furthermore, all the captives were doctors.

Would he interrogate a prisoner treated as a burden and sacrificed by Shao Fucheng

Would he interrogate a female captive

Did Xiao Gao lose his senses He even told the Colonel that he would not be intimate with the young woman the previous night.

Then, he asked if the Colonel would interrogate the captives.

If he had some sense, he would not have asked such questions.

“If you didnt interrogate her, Colonel, why didnt you leave the tent for the whole night” Xiao Gao could not help but use a questioning tone.

“What else can I do in my own tent at night besides sleep” Lu Xingzhi put his hands in his pockets.

He looked evil.

He looked like a hooligan when he stood there.

“But the girl is already in there! It was you who let her sleep in there!” Xiao Gao pointed in the direction of the tent and said anxiously, “You are bullying her!”

“I did let her sleep in my tent, but the tent is still mine.

Why cant I sleep there”Lu Xingzhi had never realized that Xiao Gao was so silly and funny at the same time.

“Colonel! I didnt expect you to be that kind of person! You must understand what I meant!” Xiao Gaos eyes were red with anxiety.

“Did you do anything to the girl last night”

“Did you not crouch at the entrance and guard it Dont you know what I did or did not do” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Xiao Gao did not know whether Lu Xingzhi did or did not do anything that he should not have done.

However, when the Colonel did not take the matter seriously, Xiao Gao was so angry that he stomped his feet and turned around to leave.

He looked furious.

Jiang Yao was in the tent, taking in the conversation outside.

After Xiao Gao left, she got up from the bed, put on her clothes, and walked out of the tent.

“Lu Xingzhi, whats wrong with you” Jiang Yao walked out and kicked his calf angrily.

“Why did you say such misleading words to your men”

Last night, she knew she could not chase him away, and she really wanted to sleep by his side, so she did not get him to leave.

However, at that time, she was completely focused on Lu Xingzhi, so she did not know that there was such an innocent and righteous little soldier guarding outside the tent.

“Its quite fun, isnt it” Lu Xingzhi shrugged nonchalantly.

Then, he looked at her beautiful lips, and his eyes darkened.

He raised his hand to touch her bright red lips, then moved it to the top of her head and patted it.

“Im leaving today.

Ill probably come back at night.

Youre not allowed to go anywhere during the day!”

“Where can the captives go” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi.

Then, she walked around him, thinking that she had to find an opportunity to steal her tag back from him.

Lu Xingzhi pretended not to notice the hint of slyness in her eyes and said, “Stay away from Liu Chao and the others.”

After that, he looked at the watch on his wrist and pushed her back into the tent.

“The woods are very cold in the morning.

Its still early.

Go back and sleep for a few more hours..

Im going to get to work.”

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