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Lu Xingzhi did not want the drill to end so quickly because she was there.

“Why are you with the Red Team Are you done with your exams” Lu Xingzhi had wanted to ask that question for a long time, but he finally asked it then.

When he thought of Jiang Yao being with the Red Team, Lu Xingzhi felt very anxious.

“Who selected the doctors Did your brain get hit by the door ”

Jiang Yao raised her hand to pinch Lu Xingzhis arm as if she was venting her anger.

She glared at him.

“What are you saying Was it not arranged by the army Where did the Blue Teams doctors come from”

“The Blue Teams doctors are all from the hospital.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao.

“Are the Red Teams doctors from Nanjiang Medical University”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head again.

“They called you Miss Jiang What do they mean I heard from the scouts that you mentioned the term graduate student”

Jiang Yao smiled smugly.

That guy finally remembered to ask her why she was there.

“A piece of good news.” Jiang Yao was no longer sleepy after hearing Lu Xingzhis question.

“Ive been accepted as Professor Ouyangs graduate student.

In the future, Ill be working with Professor Ouyang.

He is on loan to Province As university in Luo City.

Im now Professor Ouyangs graduate student and assistant.

Thats why they called me Miss Jiang.”

After that, Jiang Yao hugged Lu Xingzhi and giggled.

Then, she asked, “Are you happy In the future, well be able to see each other every week.

In the summer, well be able to see each other every day.”

Lu Xingzhis expression gradually turned from calm to indescribably happy.

His smile was not evident.

He raised his eyebrows, but his eyes were clearly smiling, and the corners of his lips were also clearly smiling.

How could he not be happy

He did not expect to see her every day.

He was already happy that they could see each other every week.

“If I dont have missions in the summer, Ill pick you up after school.” Lu Xingzhi had already begun to fantasize about the days when the young couple would wake up and go to bed together every day.

“The exams must have been very hard.” Lu Xingzhi touched Jiang Yaos face.

He thought she would have gained some weight after staying at home for a period.

However, she still looked skinny.

“After taking the exams for an entire month, Im a little tired.

However, its worth it to graduate early.

If I had not graduated early, I wouldnt have been able to get into Professor Ouyangs program.

If I had not become Professor Ouyangs assistant, I wouldnt have been able to participate in this exercise.”

Jiang Yao did not plan to complain about the tiresomeness of her studies at all.

No matter how tiring her studies were, they were not a problem for her.

It had already been three years since the college entrance examination, let alone that one month.

Lu Xingzhi hated the paint on Jiang Yaos face.

It was because of that ugly thing that he could not take a good look at Jiang Yaos face.

“Its late.

You should rest.” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head and then lifted the quilt to get into bed.

Jiang Yao kicked him out.

“You! Get out!”

Jiang Yao raised her hand and pointed in the direction of the tents entrance.

“Go sleep with someone else.”

“Why” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“If I dont stay here with you, do you think Ill go with someone else”

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