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Chapter 1700: The Lines On Your Palm

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In the blink of an eye, she had fallen into the mans trap.

The man had pressed her against the tree trunk.

Jiang Yao thought he was impatient to hear about her surrender.

She thought he wanted to subdue her because he was afraid that she would trick him.

However, she did not expect the man to approach her after pressing her against the tree trunk.

He lowered his head and kissed her under her shocked gaze.

‘Damn it! Damn it! I met a lecher!

Jiang Yao pushed the man who was pressing on her with all her might and almost suffocated her.

With one hand, she quickly extracted the neurotoxin from the medical system.

Just as she raised her hand to sprinkle the neurotoxin on that hooligans body, she suddenly stopped.

The mans tongue had already pried her lips open.

Perhaps he felt that her hand was in the way, so he used only one hand to restrain her hand to the top of her head and raised it high.

He pressed her tightly against the tree trunk.

He pressed her down with his body so that she could not move while his other hand held the side of her face, his index finger and thumb pressed against her ear.

All the actions he used to suppress her were overbearing and gentle.

The way he kissed her made her feel so familiar again.

Jiang Yaos heart constricted and then beat violently.

Jiang Yao finally looked into his eyes.

With just one glance, she had let down all her defenses.

She would not be mistaken about his eyes.

She would not mistake the way he looked at her.

When their eyes met, the man stopped kissing her and smiled.

“You finally recognize me”

A familiar voice, a familiar tone, a familiar teasing smile.

“Scared What are you going to use to topple me” Lu Xingzhi snorted and kissed her lips again.

Then, his tone changed.

“You cant even recognize your husband.

You deserve a beating.”

He took the thing in her hand and threw it away as he said that.

It took Jiang Yao a long time to find her voice.

She was still in a daze, holding her hand high above her head.

She heard him grunt.

Then, she saw him rub his face against hers like a big cat.

Jiang Yao called out to him again, the smile on her lips widening.

Lu Xingzhi gently touched her eyes with his lips.

He noticed her eyes were filled with surprise, excitement, and joy.

“I havent even had the time to make a sound.

How did you recognize me” Jiang Yao did not suppress her joy.

Her eyes had already curved into a pair of crescent moons.

Lu Xingzhi replied very proudly, “I would recognize you even if you turned into ashes.” Only then did he put her hand down.

Then, he entwined their fingers.


Who would believe that you would recognize me when Ive turned into ashes”

Jiang Yao touched his face with her other hand.

Then, she touched the tip of his nose and his eyes and said, “Tell me quickly.”

Lu Xingzhi pinched her hand and kissed her gently in the palm of her hand.

“Its because of your hand.

“I recognize every part of your body, including your hand and the lines on your palm,” he said.

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