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Chapter 170: His Comrade

Huang Chengjing walked with them to the door.

Before they left, he looked at Jiang Yao and said, “Miss Jiang Yao, although the Huang family isnt king in Nanjiang City, we still have some influence and power.

This is my card, please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any problem in the future.”

He jotted down his personal number on his business card and handed it to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao and Chancellor Wen separated on the third floor.

Chancellor Wen left the hospital, while Jiang Yao took out her phone, wanting to call Lu Xingzhi.

But before she could do so, Lu Xingzhis message came in abruptly.

‘How long more will the meeting take —From: Hubby

Apparently, the man was getting impatient, hence the text message.

She could see that he was trying to urge her to hurry but he was afraid that it would irritate her, so he used a subtle way to ask her instead.

Jiang Yao kept her phone away instead of replying.

She walked quietly towards the man who was leaning against the wall beside the door.

Unfortunately, Lu Xingzhi took all the fun out of it because he looked up in her direction suddenly before she could even approach him.

How did he sense her whereabouts so soon

“Huh~” Jiang Yao sighed dejectedly and pouted, her face disinterested and sullen.

It was very boring to play hide-and-seek with a trained soldier.

He must be equipped with an extra pair of eyes or something.

“Are you done” Lu Xingzhi placed his phone, which was scorching hot as he had been holding it for a long time, in his pocket.

Then, he took Jiang Yaos hands into his and complained gently, “Why are you so slow”

Staring at Jiang Yaos sweet smiling face, Lu Xingzhi suppressed the beastly urge to kiss her right in this alley.

Huffing a few heavy breaths, he composed himself and led her into the ward.

The ward on the third floor was nothing like the exclusive VIP ward where Mr.

Huang stayed.

Noisy was a suitable word to describe the ward on the third floor.

There were six beds in the ward and the patients plus their families added up to more than a dozen people, including the visitors.

It was as lively and bustling as a market.

“Sergeant.” Chen Zhibin stood up and saluted Lu Xingzhi as soon as he saw him coming in.

He only realized Lu Xingzhi was holding a girls hand when Jiang Yao revealed herself from behind Lu Xingzhi.

“This is my wife, Jiang Yao.” Lu Xingzhi led Jiang Yao towards Chen Zhibin.

“She is furthering her studies here in Nanjiang City.”

Chen Zhibin was surprised.

“Hi!” He couldnt resist taking a second look at Jiang Yao curiously and said, “You are very beautiful, you and our sergeant are a match made in heaven.”

Most of the people in the base knew that Sergeant Lu was married, but no one had ever seen his mysterious wife.

Thus, they often wondered what kind of woman the sergeant was married to.

What kind of woman could withstand Hades Lus bad temperament and aggressiveness

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Unexpectedly, his wife was so beautiful and gentle.

She looked like she was only in her late teens.

He couldnt help but sigh at the sight.

How did she end up with Hades Lu He felt pity and sympathy towards her.

“No matter how much compliments you can think of now, it wont reduce the punishment you will face when you return to the base,” Lu Xingzhi blurted out coldly as he squinted.

“Sergeant, I will not retur…” Chen Zhibins words were left hanging.

He was stunned and his emotions fluctuated slightly after getting a cold warning glare from Lu Xingzhi.

However, as he was not a rebellious young boy now, he quickly suppressed his angst.

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