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Chapter 1697: Sacrifice You Guys

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The soldier shifted his eyes away from Jiang Yaos face with a hollow expression.

He thought,Why did Miss Jiangs smile feel a little strange

Jiang Yao laughed softly.

She did not intend to explain when she noticed that Wang Meiyu and the others were looking at her.

It was one thing for her to guess about such things, but since Shao Fucheng did not tell them, he must have had his own arrangements and considerations.

She did not need to say anything to affect his arrangements.

Jiang Yao knew that she was in a completely unfamiliar city and a new environment.

No one knew about her relationship with the Divine Doctor, nor did they know that she had once carried out a mission with Lu Xingzhi.

No one knew about her relationship with Lu Xingzhi, and no one knew that her abilities were not inferior to most peoples.

Her hearing and vision alone were enough to defeat all the scouts.

However, Jiang Yao was not prepared to use those abilities in that exercise.

She was not ready to show those people that she was different.

The two exercises were based on fairness.

Even though she was a doctor on the Red Team, she did not want to interfere with the outcome of that exercise.

Furthermore, the purpose of the military exercise was to let the troops learn and discover problems during the duration.

Therefore, if she used her abilities to influence some of the results, then that exercise would become meaningless.

After all, the exercise was not a war with the enemy, nor was it a life or death situation.

Of course, if that place was discovered and the people from the opposing team were there, she would still choose to run if she could.

She would still do what she could without using any special abilities.

In the thatched cottage, a few people sat on a thin blanket.

By 11 at night, Li Hong, Jing Mengjie, and the others could not stand it anymore and fell asleep.

Liu Chao and the two soldiers were whispering about topics that men liked to talk about.

Wang Meiyu sat with a book that she had brought with her and read it under the flashlight.

Jiang Yao closed her eyes and rested.

She was alone, entertaining herself by guessing when the Blue Team would attack that place.

At night in the forest, the most primitive sounds of nature could be heard everywhere.

The chirping of insects and birds could be heard continuously.

It had not stopped since the evening, but it was the most unique sound in the mountains.

The evening breeze blew through the open windows, bringing with it a chill that was different from summer.

Jiang Yao felt a hand touching the thin blanket beside her.

She stood up and covered Jing Mengjie and Li Hong, who were still in a daze.

When she turned to look at Wang Meiyu, the young woman looked at her.

When their eyes met, Wang Meiyu smiled at Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao did not know why Wang Meiyu was smiling.

She looked at the book in Wang Meiyus hand, and suddenly, she heard footsteps.

The next second, the two soldiers talking to Liu Chao immediately stood up.

“All of you, hide behind the table!” The soldier did not care that Jing Mengjie and Li Hong were asleep and instantly pulled them up.

Then, he said, “The Colonel said that if the Blue Team barges in, wed have to sacrifice you!”

“What!” Liu Chao immediately jumped up.

“Do you have to be so cowardly to sacrifice us”

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