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Chapter 1690: I Feel Pity When I See Her

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The mans face was painted just like other soldiers.

If one did not look carefully, one would not notice his brilliant facial features under the paint.

However, nothing could cover his eagle-like eyes.

At that moment, his eyes were staring at the communication device.

“Are you sure that it hasnt been tampered with”

The man asked after the soldier stopped what he was doing.

His voice was low, but every word was powerful.

“Yes, Colonel, Im sure that it hasnt been tampered with!” the soldier replied confidently.

The man patted the soldiers shoulders.

“Ill have to trouble the two of you to do that.”

If Jiang Yao were here at that moment, she would be so surprised that she would be speechless.

That man was Lu Xingzhi, whom she thought would not be able to participate in that exercise during the closed-door training period!

After Lu Xingzhi left the thatched cottage, he looked at the sky and asked, “Have the scouts returned”

“Colonel! Colonel! Were back!”

Coincidentally, the person Lu Xingzhi was looking for had just returned.

“Have you found the Red Teams command center” Lu Xingzhi looked at the two people who had just returned.

After he was sure that they were listening to him, he asked again, “What about their logistics department”

“There are seven people in the Red Teams command centers logistics department—three men and four women.

One of them looks very young, like shes 17 or 18 years old.

Oh, right! Colonel, the women in their logistics department are all young and beautiful.”

The first scout was unconvinced.

“Thats not fair to us, right Why are all of them so young They are either handsome or beautiful! Especially the youngest and most beautiful woman.

Colonel, I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my entire life.

She is about 1.65 meters tall and has a ponytail.

And she has two dimples when she smiles.”

“Commander, that young woman is beautiful!”

The second scout echoed excitedly.

“When are we going to take care of the Red Teams logistics department Lets capture all the doctors from the red team, especially that beautiful girl.

If we put her in our command center, we will feel the power of the battle!”

A woman about 1.65 meters tall and with two dimples when she smiled.

Lu Xingzhis lips curled up—that sounded like his wife.

However, no matter how good-looking that lady was, she would not compare with his wife.

Lu Xingzhi snorted with pride.

The first scout looked at the second scout.

Both of them had disbelief in their eyes.

After all, they had never seen their colonel before.

However, they had seen that beautiful female doctor from the Red Team.

Everyone would be comfortable with her beauty.

If two men were to describe her appearance…

The first scout thought about it and said, “Colonel, the Red Teams doctor is really beautiful.

Youll feel like you want to hug her and kiss her the moment you see her.

Her beauty will also make you reluctant to bully her.

Her smile almost dazzles me too! However, I feel pity when I see her..

Yes, thats the word.

I feel pity when I see her!

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