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After listening to Shao Fuchengs explanation of the next days drill, Jiang Yao was dumbfounded.

Liu Chao and the others were also dumbfounded.

“Tomorrows drill is not a real one, so there will be fewer injuries.

After this drill, you will belong to the logistics department.

I will keep you in the command post and wont let you go to the front line.” Shao Fucheng looked at the shocked expressions and asked, “Do you understand”

Jiang Yao and the others nodded.

Then, Shao Fucheng said, “Later, I will send the clothes for tomorrow.

They are field combat uniforms.

The fabric is not as good as your clothes, so you can wear your own clothes and pants in the combat uniform.

The uniform is very loose, and you can all wear it.” Shao Fucheng shook the uniform and said, “There is a digital tag on your clothes with your code on it.

There is a sensor in that digital tag.

Once the tag is torn, or if a bullet hits a fatal spot, it means that you are eliminated! Therefore, you are also part of this exercise.

The success or failure of this drill is very important.”

Shao Fucheng wanted that group of people to know that they were a burden to that drill.

However, he could not be that rude.

The men were excited after hearing Shao Fuchengs words.

“Will we have weapons The same as yours”

Shao Fucheng nodded.

“The weapons will be sent to you when we arrive at the drill site.

I will teach you how to use them then, but…”

Shao Fucheng thought for a while and did not say the last part of the sentence.

The drill did not involve live ammunition but simulated guns with sensing functions.

Even if those people learned how to shoot, it would be useless if they did not shoot accurately.

It would still be a waste.

However, the drill required everyone to have a weapon, so they had to learn how to shoot.

The group of people felt as if it was an exciting game.

Unfortunately, no one knew what Shao Fuchend was talking about other than Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao even felt Shao Fuchengs intense dislike for them.

“Also, no makeup or perfume tomorrow.”

After that, he drove them to the commissars office.

The rest of the matter was up to Commissar Wang.

When everyone left Commissar Wangs place and returned to the dormitory, it was already past ten at night.

That group of people had been excited after they heard Shao Fuchengs words, but their expressions had darkened after they left Commissar Wangs place.

“Miss Jiang, arent you afraid at all” Wang Meiyu was surprised when she realized that Jiang Yaos mood was not affected at all.

From the moment they met, no one seemed to have seen Miss Jiang show any signs of confusion or helplessness.

Well, she did do that once.

It was when everyone was discussing whether they needed to fold the quilt—that was when Miss Jiang looked confused.

“Yes, Commissar Wang said that were going to a remote mountain to participate in a drill with the soldiers.

Well live in tents during the training, and there is no toilet in the mountains.

Even Liu Chao is a little afraid..

Thats a huge mountain deep in the forest Its unsafe to live in tents at night.”

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