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Professor Ouyang said, “An exercise will be held in the Luo City military base in ten days.

They will need some doctors to support them.

The chancellor of Province As university discussed with the military, and they decided to send some of my students.

However, your task is slightly different.

Someone will brief you when youre there.

Everything is confidential, so thats all I know.

They wont need me for such a trivial exercise, but you will represent me.

You will lead the group of students in the army base.”

Jiang Yao exclaimed, “The army base Sure!”

Professor Ouyang thought that Jiang Yaos reaction was too calm.

“Arent you going to ask if you can see your husband”

Jiang Yao shook her head.


Hes in closed-door training, so its unlikely that hell participate in that exercise.

It must be another group in the base.”

“No wonder youre not excited at all.

I thought youd be more excited after hearing this news.” Professor Ouyang suddenly realized that Jiang Yao had her reasons for being calm.

Professor Ouyang smiled embarrassedly.

“Anyway, I dont know the team involved in the exercise; I have no way of knowing any military secrets.

Your husband is a soldier, so you might be more familiar with what you need to pay attention to after entering the army base.

Even though the students are older than you, you still have to act as my assistant and control them.

Dont let them cause trouble in the army base or embarrass the university.”

Jiang Yaos attitude was serious.

After all, that matter was very important.

“The exercise will take place on the 8th July, so you will need to be there on 5th July.

When you arrive at the city, go see the chancellor.

He will arrange a dorm for you.

Someone from the army base will contact you after that.” Professor Ouyang patted Jiang Yaos shoulder and said, “I still have some work to do here, so I probably wont be able to make it in time for the exercise.

Ill leave that to you.”

Professor Ouyang thought it would be difficult for Jiang Yao to begin her summer vacation with a mission.

Since the ladies in the dorm would not be able to gather together after their summer vacation, they were not in a hurry to get home.

Instead, they stayed in the dorm for a longer period so that they could spend more time together.

They went shopping together, had meals, climbed the mountain, and took many photos.

Finally, Li Yi, Lin Qiaoyu, and Chen Siyang left Nanjiang City and returned to their hometown on 3rd July.

Jiang Yao took some time to pay attention to the situation in YN.

She also asked Manager Sun to investigate a few small pharmaceutical factories.

Meanwhile, in YN, Zhu Jiu had to fork out a huge amount of money to pay the environmental damage compensation and rescue funds.

That was meant to bring him down.

Therefore, Zhu Jiu took out a huge sum of money and almost sold off all the Zhu familys businesses except the mines.

Then, Zhu Jiu, who had prepared to pack up and leave, secretly transferred the remaining savings abroad.

After that, he returned to the Zhu family in Ping City with nothing in his hands.

People said that the entire Zhu family had attacked him when he was there..

Life was not easy for him, indeed.

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