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Chapter 1669: A House With Secrets

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Then, as she watched Jiang Yao pick up the phone, she shook her head and patted her own hair, unhappy with herself.

The phone call came from Chen Xuyao, who delivered the news that Jiang Yao had not anticipated.

“The guy who stole the data from your research institute has been apprehended.

It was Qian Zhibin.” Chen Xuyao sat in his office, smoking a cigarette while holding his phone in one hand.

“After talking it over with Liang Yueze, I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.”

Zhou Weiqi called Jiang Yao the night before her exam.

He did not have any hidden agendas.

He merely wanted to make Jiang Yao relax before the exam.

He had learned of the robbery at her lab then.

“Liang Yueze changed his servant, who was imprisoned for theft.

Qian Zhibin should be aware of that fact when he stole the drug.

Uncle Liang and the others are aware of it.

Uncle Liang caused a lot of difficulties for Qian Zhibin once he returned to Jindo City.

The two families had to get involved in everything, big or small, as long as it concerned Qian Zhibin.

Qian Zhibin endured many setbacks at the hands of Uncle Liang and the others.”

“Qian Zhibin stole Grandma Liangs medicine for a foreign research institute, but they did not get any results.

Because the airplane company also acknowledged the Divine Doctors death, Qian Zhibin suffers from both sides.

He had to send people to Nanjiang City to get information from your lab.

He might have thought he would get something useful.

Maybe he wants the anti-stress research as well.”

“What did he do” Jiang Yao took a comb and ran it through her hair leisurely.

“Did he choose to rob me because he had gotten into a fight with the Liang family, and so he couldnt get anything from them”

“That was probably what he was thinking.

We also found his place of residence,” Chen Xuyao scoffed.

“Its in a remote place, so no one knows his secret.

We found a lot of cash there.”

Chen Xuyao could not wait to deliver the answer even though Jiang Yao did not ask about it.

“Qian Zhibin most likely took it and concealed it there since he could not bear the thought of leaving it at home.

There were some letters and documents between him and the foreign research institute as well.

He even copied and hid all of the information he stole from your lab.

It was a nice discovery.”


Liangs ability to delve so thoroughly into Qian Zhibin indicated that he intended to make a move on Qian Zhibin.

The discovery of her labs robbery should have been a foregone conclusion.

“Liang Yueze is prepared to entice two of Jindo Citys common criminals to take us to Qian Zhibins secret location.

Turn on the radio tomorrow and just wait for a decent show.” Chen Xuyaos leisurely voice came through the phone, but it also had a ruffian tone to it.

“Gu Haoyu will deal with the foreign research institute.

He will have someone burn all of the paperwork sent over by Qian Zhibin as soon as feasible.”

“Okay, so I will just listen to the radio tomorrow!” Jiang Yao readily agreed.

Old Madam Liangs medication was adjusted to include anti-stress medication, prompting her to develop high blood pressure and return to the hospital.

Qian Zhibin had enraged the Liang family when he did that.

Qian Zhibin was not a filial son, unlike Old Madam Liangs sons and grandson—they were fiercely protective of their loved ones..

Qian Zhibins wicked sentiments had reached the Liang family, and the Liang family could no longer bear it.

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