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On the other hand, Jiang Yao did not appear to be bothered in the least.

The police stated that they were looking into the research institute.

Even though there were no other research institutes in Nanjiang City, Huang Chengjing said that there were large and small research institutes in the country.

“Furthermore, no one would make a huge deal about stealing other peoples study materials, therefore identifying the thief is difficult.”

“It is advisable to inform outsiders that the research is yours.

Or you have to publish your results before others do,” Lu Yuqing said in response to Huang Chengjings statements.

“However, we have achieved just a small amount of progress in that research.

It is impossible to get any outcome in a short amount of time.

We dont wish to make our research public until we have some findings.

Most people will laugh at you and not see how hard you work.

If we announce the research without any result, those folks will assume that we are dreaming.

Even if we obtain the results one day, they will laugh at us for taking so long to come up with it,” Xiao Yuan said.

“The previous method is not very effective.”

Jiang Yao shook her head, disagreeing with Huang Chengjings strategy.

“Now that the lab has just been established, even if we announce to the public that the research was stolen, lost the documents, and then released the research contents, if a lab gets ahead of us in the same research in the future, people will never say they stole from us.”

On the contrary, they might be chastised for being ineffective and wasting resources.

“Many people in the world, like me, are only concerned with the result and pay little attention to the process.”

Jiang Yao said, “Theres no rush.

Wait two days.

Will there be any progress in the investigation by the police The most important thing now is to let General Manager Huang contact the factory to see how they can help us repair those two machines.”

Huang Chengjing agreed and promptly called the factory to inquire about the repair.

When Jiang Yao began taking the exam, she had not received any information from the police concerning the labs losses.

As Huang Cheng had stated, even if the investigation was targeted, it was still extremely tough to prove.

Jiang Yao concentrated her efforts on the exam because there was no result.

Jiang Yao was already dealing with many examinations while the other students were still studying for finals.

She had taken numerous papers throughout the day, and when she returned to the dorm, she was exhausted and wanted to do nothing.

It was not nearly 11 p.m.

yet, and Wen Xuehui and the others were still talking.

When she glanced around, she noticed Jiang Yao had already fallen asleep.

Wen Xuehui was concerned that Jiang Yao would not be able to handle it if she continued in that state for a month.

Jiang Yao completed her first week of tests, even as Wen Xuehui worried about her.

Jiang Yao only had one Sunday without any test, so she decided to sleep in.

“Your phone is ringing, Jiang Yao.”

Jiang Yao was combing her hair on the balcony when Wen Xuehui called out to her.

She handed Jiang Yaos phone to her.

She caressed Jiang Yaos hair as she drew her hand back.

“Your hair is beautiful.

It has a dark, silky, and soft appearance..

When your hair reaches your waist, you will reach a new level of beauty.”

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