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Chapter 1665: Its Possible

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“I knew you were apprehensive because of your husband.” Professor Ouyang expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

“That is why I am opposed to students marrying too young.

They are tied down after they get married.”

“He didnt shackle me to him.

He always told me to do whatever I wanted.

I just dont want to be so far apart from him,” Jiang Yao said.

“I didnt say he shackled you to him.

What are you so eager to explain You dont want anyone to say anything negative about him I am lucky I dont have a daughter,” Professor Ouyang said.

“Otherwise, as a father, that would make me unhappy.”

“Well, you are quite old, yet you do not wish to marry.

Do you feel unhappy just looking at me, Professor” Jiang Yao answered with a laugh.

She smiled and said goodbye to Professor Ouyang and returned to her room after noticing that he did not want to chat.

When Jiang Yao returned to the dormitory with the wonderful news, the first thing she did was call Mr.

Lu and Mrs.


They were thrilled to learn Jiang Yao was moving to Luo City.

They even repeated it multiple times over the phone.

It was great news for them.

“Its good that you are moving to Luo City so that the two of you will not have to live apart.

You can experience the life of a young couple then.” Mrs.

Lus voice was light, and it was easy to picture how delighted she was.

“It is unfortunate that Xingzhi cant answer the phone during the closed-door training.

Otherwise, I can break the news to him and make him happy.”

“Dont tell him, Mom.

I will surprise him when I get to Luo City.

Do you think he will be terrified when he comes home after training and sees me standing there He might think hes dreaming.” Jiang Yao loved that scene so much that she wished the day would come sooner.

“It is entirely possible!” Mrs.

Lu smiled.

It would be a fun moment between the two of them, and she was content not to bother them.

Jiang Yaos mood was a little more exuberant because Professor Ouyang had brought her excellent news.

Instead of staying in Nanjiang City to talk all night, the five went to the city.

Chen Siyang and the others expected Jiang Yao to enter the most excellent hospital in Nanjiang City, the Shengqi Hospital, after she graduated.

She was a genius and the Divine Doctors student.

Shengqi Hospital should compete for such a skill.

They were unsurprised by Jiang Yaos decision to take the postgraduate admission exams and study for a few more years because she was young.

At the moment, it felt like it was the best time for her to enter the hospital and begin working.

Their surprise mainly was focused on Jiang Yaos choice of study method for the postgraduate admission exams.

Wen Xuehui said, “You came to our university but are now following Professor Ouyang to a new university.

So, even though you are spending those years at another university, you are still a part of the Nanjiang Medical University.

Our school will still send you the graduation certificate when the time comes.

Didnt Professor Ouyang mention he still wanted you to come with him as his assistant Professor Ouyang is looking out for you.

A local universitys medical school is incomparable to our university.

The Nanjiang Medical University is comparable to Jindo City Medical University in terms of medical education.

When we go out to work in the future, the students from Jindo City Medical University will be more respected than other medical students.”

As a result, Wen Xuehui recognized Jiang Yaos assistants identification arrangement right away..

Professor Ouyang did not want Jiang Yao to study at Province As local university so that other people would know that she graduated from Nanjiang Medical University instead.

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