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Chapter 1660: Internal Dealings

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“Work is essential, but you must rest too.

I am afraid you will die unexpectedly if you continue to work all night without sleeping every few days.” Jiang Yao made an eye and pointed at Hong Ke.

“The dark circles beneath your eyes are really prominent.

You will no longer be attractive if you continue to act in this manner.”

Hong Ke shook her head.

“I am already married.

Lin Techeng cant complain about me if I dont look good, and he cant return me either.

Its a different case for Xiao An.”

Hong Ke put on her slippers and yawned as she entered the door.

She yelled to Xiao An, “Did you hear what the boss said Dont bother pulling all-nighters in the future.

Dont take our advice.

Your year-end bonus will depend on whether you grow uglier in the future.”

“I will get it if you do.”

Xiao An skipped breakfast.

After entering the house, she walked to the kitchen, collected a bunch of goodies from the fridge, and set them on the coffee table.

“Hong Ke is implying that your boss may travel somewhere and spend a lot of money on getting you a man.” Xiao Yuan selected a packet of scallion-flavored biscuits from among the appetizers on the table.

He ripped it open and devoured it.

“Didnt you state that in the future, my husband will have to rely on Boss to distribute year-end bonuses I will gladly accept it if she wishes to give me that perk.

Then let Boss get me a husband and get you a wife for our year-end bonuses,” Xiao An said as she smiled and shook her head.

“That is precisely what I am going to do.

I will give you to Xiao Yuan and give Xiao Yuan to you.

Keep everything done internally.” Jiang Yao pushed the snacks to the side of the table and set some cut fruits on it.

“It is time to eat something.

You should consume more fruits and less processed stuff.

You will not be able to eat after the meal if you dont.

Look at you, you have not had breakfast, have you Even if you dont die abruptly, I am concerned you will starve to death.”

Jiang Yao shook her head at Lu Yuqing and said, “Sister, these people cant live like this.

Why dont we find them a servant The servant can help them cook, wash, and clean.

If they are not home, the servant can send some food to the lab.

They will not have to eat if they are not hungry.”

“Boss, you are too thoughtful.” Xiao Yuan seemed affected as he clutched the biscuit in his palms.

“If you can give me Xiao An by the end of the year, I will be even more grateful.

I need a female slave.”

Xiao An stopped eating after that.

She reached for a pillow and struck Xiao Yuan a few times.

“You need a female slave I am in desperate need of a manly hug! You are defying authority! What did I say when I decided to join the team Women reign supreme on our team.

Did you forget that”

“I did not tell you about that because I was afraid you would be scared away.

Women are queens in our team, while the men are the kings.” With one hand, Xiao Yuan grasped the pillow, and with the other, he defended his biscuit.

Xiao An was ecstatic.

“If that is the case, what is your respective status in the family” he questioned Lin Teicheng and Hong Ke.

“Xiao Yuan, thats nonsense.

I am unquestionably Hong Kes masculine slave.

I am not going to pretend to be a retired king.” Lin Teicheng crossed his knees and sat like a master, yet his remarks were clearly those of a follower.

Hong Ke was laughing so hard beside him that her eyes were almost blind.

Xiao Yuan walked away with a snort.

He felt annoyed for no reason at all.

He thought he was more resistant to such remarks.

Jiang Yao had been bored when she was at home for quite some time.

However, familiar faces greeted her when she returned to Nanjiang City..

Since there was not much age difference between them, Jiang Yaos monotonous days would end soon.

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