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“All I did was make you lazy.” All of her excuses were merely to conceal the fact that she was a slacker.

Jiang Yao was astute.

There was nothing she could not learn if she wanted to.

There was no doubt in Lu Yuqings mind about that.

“How has your health been recently I will take the early graduation exam.

I am guessing I will be preoccupied with the exam that month.”

“Can your body withstand it Why are you in such a rush to finish your studies It is not too late to postpone the decision until next year.

The key is first to become well.” Lu Yuqing abruptly mocked Jiang Yao.

“Are you in such a rush to graduate because you want to work early and join the army”

“No, no, no.” Jiang Yao laughed but did not respond.

She genuinely wanted to graduate early to go to the city and be with Lu Xingzhi as soon as possible.

She also desired a kid.

Lu Yuqing was a businesswoman who had been in the industry for a long time.

How could she have missed Jiang Yaos guilty smile

“Do you really want to accompany my brother that much”

Lu Yuqing furrowed her brows.

“What about Changkang Pharma Since you will graduate early, I assumed you would have more time to devote to the company.

So you flew back here and did not even consider Changkang Pharma”

“Doesnt the company already have you and Sun as managers”

Lu Yuqing gave Jiang Yao a sidelong glance as she took two steps backward.

“You are worthless.

Do you plan to let him control you like that” Lu Yuqing responded with a shake of her head.

“You did now know anything in the past.

Lets see what you have learned.

Its like you have two phases.

Xingzhi was an opponent in your eyes in the past.

He is like your drug now.”

“Isnt a beautiful smile worth a thousand acres of land Even the ancient monarchs, let alone an average person like myself, could not avoid the calamity of a beauty.” Jiang Yao smiled cheekily again, but there were some things in her heart she could not convey to Lu Yuqing.

Lu Xingzhi had always been the first in her life.

Lu Yuqing drove the car to their residence next to the Huang family.

Moe stealthily jumped out of Jiang Yaos knapsack and raced straight to Mimi as soon as he entered the house.

He would not bully Mimi.

He only wanted to flaunt the medal around his neck.

“Lin Teicheng and Hong Ke are working in the research laboratory at the time.

Their investigation appears to have gotten a little more intense recently, according to what I have heard.

They havent left the research lab in nearly three days.

Before I met you at the airport, I called them and instructed them to meet me at the research lab at noon for lunch.”

Jiang Yaos luggage was put into Lu Yuqings room, and she said, “Their temporary research facility is not far from their residence.

It is simply a couple of blocks away.

After the New Year, the study has already begun.”

Lu Yuqing had contacted Jiang Yao to notify her that Lin Teicheng and the others would be choosing an office during the New Year.

Jiang Yao had arranged for Manager Sun to assist Lin Teicheng and the others with the arrangements, and she had not asked any other questions after that.

She had no idea where her office or research room were located.

Last year, Lu Yuqing assisted Jiang Yao with Shengqi Hospitals year-end activities, which was also why Lu Yuqing was so disappointed in her.

Lin Teicheng and the others had arrived at lunchtime.

They had arrived on time to eat..

Jiang Yao noticed that they were sleep-deprived, yet they were all in excellent spirits as soon as they approached the door.

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