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Chapter 1657: Statement About The Accident

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“Ive never heard of a university that can skip a grade, let alone one that lets you jump from a freshman to a graduate.” Mr.

Lu looked at Jiang Yao as if she was a genius.

“Ive learned a lot from the Divine Doctor.

She taught me a lot.

She thought that I should take the graduation exam early.

She said that she had taught me everything I needed to learn, and it would be a waste of time if I continue to study for another year.” Everyone knew that the Divine Doctor was her teacher, so it was much easier to explain it like that.

“After your graduation, will you start working immediately Dont you think theyll bully you at the hospital because of your age” Mrs.

Lu asked.

She had not mentioned that to Jiang Yao because she was still young and had not joined the workforce.

“The hospital is a small organization.

Youre still young, so you can go to the hospital for an internship.

Others might be jealous of you because you were the Divine Doctors student.

Im worried that you might not be able to adapt to the job,” Mrs.

Lu said.

“Dad, Mom, dont worry.

Im not that easily bullied.

I havent thought about the job yet either.

A professor in the school wants me to take the postgraduate exam.”

Jiang Yao had not thought about taking the postgraduate exam yet, so she thought about taking the graduation exam first.


Lu and Mrs.

Lu said in unison.

Both of them agreed with Jiang Yaos decision.

“Youre studying medicine.

The more you study, the more beneficial it will be for you.

If you want to take the postgraduate exam, we will support you! ”

“Youll be in Nanjiang City.

When you are doing the postgraduate course, no matter how busy you are, you can take two days a month to visit Xingzhi in the army or during the schools long holiday ” Mrs.

Lu comforted Jiang Yao.

“Dont feel pressured.

You can take the exam to graduate early.

Its okay if you cant pass it.

Well take it step by step.

If you pass the exam, you still have time to consider whether to take the postgraduate entrance exam or not.”


Lu smiled at Jiang Yao and nodded.

Then, Jiang Yao went back to her room to pack her things while she called Wen Xuehui to inform her of the day she would return to school.

When Jiang Yao left for school, the aviation accident had happened for more than a month.

The airline finally issued a statement, saying that the plane could not be salvaged because too much time had passed, and none of the passengers survived.

The airline offered their condolences to the victims families, comforted them, and also compensated them.

The airline and several countries only announced that they had given up salvaging after more than a month.

They did their best to find the victims, but they failed.

That move allowed them to obtain the forgiveness of most of the victims families.

However, what surprised Jiang Yao the most was another statement attached to the news.

The content was related to the Divine Doctor.

More than a month ago, after the aviation accident happened, Jiang Yao expressed her condolences and prayers through Liang Yueze.

Therefore, everyone knew that the Divine Doctor had also died in the accident.

The content of the statement mentioned that many people tried to get the victims names from the airline..

Many people also asked whether the Divine Doctor was really among those who died.

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