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Chapter 1652: The Tea Chamber Of Commerce

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For Jiang Yao, it was impossible to figure out what had happened to bring forward such a matter that benefited the country and the people for so many years, but that was undoubtedly good news.

After the anti-drug convention was signed, the cultivation of the poppy flowers would decrease in YN, and the drug would eventually gather in MD Country and LW Country.

Even though YNs economic development was slow, it did slowly break out of poverty in the next few years.

“Director Jiang, if the lives of the people of our country are better in the future, I think we should all thank you and Young Master Lu.

We also need to thank the soldiers and government of your country.” Ruan Yongjun suddenly became emotional.

“The people in our town are pleased to hear the news of that treaty.

Although they have poppy flowers growing in their fields and people are coming to harvest them every year, the price for gathering them is not high.

It does not keep them fed.

Furthermore, poppy flowers are everywhere in the country, and the drug has become a common thing here.

Many families in the small town are suffering from the cruelty of that thing.”

That was a treaty that excited the people in both countries.

In late April that year, a week after Jiang Yao received Ruan Yongjuns call, the two countries anti-drug treaty was officially signed.

The representatives were Mr.

Liang and Old Master Liang.

The father and son went to YN and brought the treaty back to the country.

The anti-drug treaty might not have impacted the small town where Jiang Yao lived.

After everyone heard it, they would be proud of their country, but it greatly affected the border cities.

Other than that, it would significantly affect the domestic tea industry.

Jiang Lei had rushed back to the county from Jindo City because of that tea chamber matter.

After returning to the county, Jiang Lei was not in a hurry to get home.

Instead, he went to the Lu family to look for Jiang Yao.

Jiang Lei had stayed in Jindo City for two months.

When he returned, he brought a lot of gifts for Jiang Yao and her family.

He no longer looked half-dead because of Yang Gaoshus matter.

When he returned, he was dressed neatly in a suit, and his hair was combed tidily.

He looked energetic with his new hair color and hair gel usage.

“Yaoyao, you should know about the anti-drug treaty, right There should be very few people in our country who dont know about it.

Do you know about the tea association mentioned in the anti-drug treaty The relevant authorities in Jindo City came to my friend and me and asked if we wanted to join the Tea Chamber of Commerce and become the first group of people to go to YN.

My friend was a little hesitant.

He felt that YN was messy and didnt want to go.

He also advised me to wait and see, but I thought this was an opportunity.”

Jiang Lei did not stop talking as he took the gift for Jiang Yao out of his suitcase.

“The first batch of tea merchants to YN has taken the best opportunity, and now our government is supporting them.

It would be a pity to miss this opportunity, but I also think that my friend is right.

I dont know much about YN, and the news about YN is from people who do ideological work for us.

Im not sure if its reliable or not, so I wanted to come back to listen to your opinion and suggestions.”

When Jiang Lei said he wanted to go to the north to do tea business, Jiang Yao was the first person in her family to agree to that.

Jiang Lei had been in the north for two months and did indeed make some money..

So, when Jiang Lei encountered a dilemma, he thought to ask Jiang Yao and his older brother, Jiang Jie.

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