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Chapter 1649: Only 20 Years Old

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Ruan Yongjun spoke very quickly, so there was only minimal delay.

It sounded like he was explaining to his boss how much General Min Pang cared about her health and how he had helped them.

Therefore, when General Min Pang took the phone from Ruan Yongjun, he had an obvious smile on his face.

On the other hand, Jiang Yaos heart was in a mess when she heard what Ruan Yongjun had said.

When she heard Ruan Yongjuns words, her first reaction was to—

What Carl and Ruan Yongjun had bombed the Zhu familys mines

What Why were the Zhu familys mines sealed

What The Zhu family also had to pay a huge amount of environmental damage compensation and assistance funds

What earth-shattering things had Ruan Yongjun done in the past few days

However, after the shock, Jiang Yao quickly calmed down when she heard the voice of a man in his thirties speaking to her.

Her palms were a little sweaty.

She was afraid that she would be exposed when she spoke to General Min Pang.

After all, she did not know much about what had happened at YN.

“General Min Pang, thank you for your help.

If I didnt feel unwell, I would have gone to YN to thank you.” Jiang Yao picked the most infallible words to exchange pleasantries with the man.

On the other hand, when General Min Pang heard the crisp voice of a young woman from the phone, he was stunned.

He held the phone in one hand and waved at Ruan Yongjun with the other.

“Your boss is a woman”

Ruan Yongjun nodded with a face full of annoyance.

“Look at me.

I seem to have forgotten to introduce my boss to you.

Yes, our boss is a woman.

General Min Pang raised three fingers and asked, “Has she reached this age”

Carl shook his head and walked forward to press down on General Min Pangs middle finger.

He looked at it and then stood back where he was.

“Twenty-something Twenty-eight or twenty-nine” General Min Pang stared at his two fingers.

Ruan Yongjun pouted.

“Shes 20 years old.”

General Min Pangs sitting posture changed.

He cast a questioning glance at Carl and Ruan Yongjun.

After more than ten seconds, he slowly put the phone back to his ear.

He asked,” Ruan Yongjun said that you are only 20 years old, Director Jiang.”

If the other party were not General Min Pang and were someone Jiang Yao was slightly familiar with, she would definitely retort back at him.

Was he surprised about that

No one said that Jiang was not 20 years old, right

No one in YN said that the owner of the two mines was only 20 years old.

However, Jiang Yao was much more relaxed because General Min Pang had repeatedly confirmed her age.

She thought that he was an interesting man.

They were soldiers.

Even though they had not seen anyone before, one might have heard of the other or heard of their voice.

General Min Pang gave Jiang Yao a much better impression than Master Sen.

Perhaps it was because Master Sen wanted to hurt her and General Min Pang was the person Lu Xingzhi had chosen to cooperate with.

General Min Pang thought that Carl and Ruan Yongjuns boss was probably a young man around his age.

He thought that the things that person sent were very compatible with his personality, which meant that he was good at observing and analyzing people..

That made General Min Pang want to interact with that smart person more.

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