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Chapter 1644: Anti-drug Convention

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Master Sen was in his mansions magnificent living room when Zhu Jiu arrived.

A black-and-white document was on the table next to him.

Zhu Jiu cast an unintentional glance at the paper.

It was written in the YN language.

He took a quick peek at it but did not dare to examine it closely.

“I reasoned that you should be really busy right now, Master Zhu.

I did not think you would have time to come to my house.” Zhu Jiu walked in, but Master Sen had no intention of allowing him to sit.

He just sat there drinking tea.

He also had no intention of allowing the servants to make more tea.

“I cant forget about you, Master Sen, no matter how busy I am.” Zhu Jius heart skipped a beat.

When he noticed Master Sens change in attitude toward him, he had a bad feeling that Master Sen would vent his rage on him.

However, he was already there.

He could not go back in time and change his mind.

Zhu Jiu could only fake a smile and act unconcerned.

“I have something excellent here that I want to give to Master Sen.” He tried to keep his smile.

“It is a handcrafted ornament that I made myself.

Master Sens jade research is on par with mine.

Why dont you take it and experiment with it”

It was definitely an ornament that he had carefully hidden at home, but the Zhu family had little alternative but to take it out humbly.

He placed the ornament on the table and noticed that Master Sen did not reject him, so he sighed.

“Master Sen must have known about my current difficulties.” In terms of ability, I am not even half as good as you, Master Sen, so I wish to thicken my skin and seek your assistance.

If you can help me reclaim the Zhu familys mines, we will give you half of them as a thank-you present.”

Zhu Jiu would not have offered half of the mines as a thank-you present if Master Sen had not invited him in.

He would have offered some ores instead.

Zhu Jiu, who had not even had a cup of tea, was aware of that.

He would not be able to acquire anything from Master Sen until he paid a significant gift.

“Oh.” Master Sen responded to Zhu Jius words.

He upped his tone as if he was interested, but his demeanor remained the same.

He was obviously merely pretending to be interested.

“Master Zhu, you have a problem, and I have a problem as well.

Werent you curious about the contents of the document I know you like reading the YN language.

You can read it leisurely if you take it.

Tell me how to solve my problem,” Master Sen stated as he shoved the document in front of Zhu Jiu.

Men would always be inquisitive.

That was due to their curiosity when they could not see something.

Zhu Jiu broke out in a cold sweat when Master Sen shoved the document in front of him.

He guessed that the information on the paper was not good for Master Sen.

Zhu Jiu genuinely had no issue understanding the YN language.

After all, he had spent the entire year interacting with YN people, so he only read the YN language a little slower than his own language.

Throughout the document, there were numerous clauses written thickly.

The more he read, the more terrified Zhu Jiu was.

“Does that represent the two countries anti-drug treaty” Zhu Jiu gasped.

“YN is signing an anti-drug treaty with our country”

Zhu Jiu was not in the mood to question Master Sen about how he obtained such a sensitive document as the anti-drug convention, which had yet to be signed.

The different terms astounded him.

The governments determination to combat narcotics at the time far exceeded Zhus expectations.

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