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Chapter 1638: Got Even More Confused

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Luo Ruoran and Xiao Ya had grown up together.

Xiao Ya was younger than Luo Ruoran, so one could say she followed Luo Ruoran around when she was growing up.

Xiao Ya had lost a sister when Luo Ruoran left the country.

Luo Ruoran was going to marry a man that she did not know, so Xiao Ya thought that he had snatched Luo Ruoran away.

Xiao Ya was a little uncertain, so she asked again, “Jiang Yao, do you feel the same way Second Brother Liang should be returning with Sister Ruoran, right On Thursday, Chen Xuyao said that Lu Xingzhi was the most similar to Second Brother Liang.

What do you think Lu Xingzhi would do if he met you in such a situation Im just making an analogy.

I dont have the intention of jinxing your relationship.”

Jiang Yao laughed when she thought of Lu Xingzhis overbearing personality that no one else could match.

“From the day I married him, he said that we would never get a divorce.

I had just married him, and my personality was multifaceted, but he held on to me tightly.”

That assumption was entirely inappropriate for her and Lu Xingzhi.

“Well, if you have to make a hypothesis based on Lu Xingzhis personality, there are only two possibilities.

If he knew that I would get married again, he would tie me to his side.

That is based on the fact that he still has feelings for me.

What Lu Xingzhi likes, what he wants, its not up to anyone else.

Another possibility is that the news of me remarrying or not would not cause him to be the slightest bit emotional.

That is based on the fact that he no longer has any feelings for me.”

Lu Xingzhis personality was a little extreme.

He was either extremely cold or highly stingy toward people who were no longer in his heart.

“The more I listen, the more confused I get.”

Xiao Ya pouted.

“Adults are really complicated.

Love comes, and love goes.

Thats why I wont be like that in the future.”

“Do you have any shame You keep calling us adults.

Xiao Ya, youre already in high school!” Jiang Yao laughed so hard that she was about to burst.

“You wont be like that in the future You wont date anyone in the future Youll never fall in love You wont get married ”

Xiao Ya raised her voice a few degrees higher.

“Of course, Im going to get married! I still have children.

I like cute children! When Im old enough, my parents will arrange a partner for me.

They have good tastes, and theyre my parents.

Theyll definitely find me a partner thats worthy of me.

Once I have a partner, all thats left is to get married.”

“Dont be so careless with your words.

You make it sound like you dont have any expectations for your future marriage partner,” Jiang Yao said.

When Jiang Yao was in high school, she was the same as Xiao Ya.

Even though many of her classmates had started to flirt with each other, they would have some admirers even if they did not experience puppy love.

At that time, Jiang Yao was a hothead who was even more brainless than Xiao Ya.

At least Xiao Ya had thought about letting her parents look for her marriage partner.

However, she had never thought about that.

In the end, a wily fox like Lu Xingzhi had snatched that innocent girl.

She was the first one to get married among her high school classmates.

Jiang Yao thought that maybe Xiao Ya would meet the same person who would want to take her home.

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