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Chapter 1634: All Or Nothing

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Therefore, after seeing the Cheng family, Xiao Ya felt that gangsters were not all fierce-looking.

A bowl of stinky tofu laid the foundation for Xiao Ya and Cheng Jinnians friendship.

Jiang Yao only took a lunch break, and Cheng Jinnian, who had been ignoring Xiao Ya, was inseparable from Xiao Ya.

Since she had to give Master Cheng acupuncture, Jiang Yao worked a little hard that night.

It was almost 11 oclock when she returned to her room to rest.

The Cheng family stayed at Second Uncle Lus house.

The young Cheng Jinnian could not take it anymore after Jiang Yao left.

He went to his room to rest while his brother went to Master Chengs room.

In the room, Master Cheng stood in front of the window in his nightgown, talking on the phone with his wife.

Since he had just taken a medicinal bath, his body had a strong smell of Chinese medicine.

He stood by the window, and the wind brought the scent on his body to Cheng Jinyans nose.

Cheng Jinyan stood at the door for a few seconds.

When he saw his father was on the phone with his mother, he left.

Master Cheng heard the sound and turned to look at the door.

He only saw Cheng Jinyans figure, but he did not say anything to stop him.

As a father, he had missed Cheng Jinyans growing years.

Cheng Jinyan respected him, but he was not as close to his eldest son as he was to his youngest son.

Cheng Jinyan was closer to his stepmother, Xie Qiuran, who had taken care of him.

“Dont worry.

Jiang Yaos relatives are good people.

They are open-minded and reasonable, and they are really good to Jiang Yao.” Master Cheng knew what his wife wanted to know, so he told her.

“I spent some time with her husbands parents today, and theyre not fussy.

Jiang Yao is a blessed child.

Her parents treat her as their own child, and her in-laws love her and are very tolerant of her.

I will bring you here when you are better.”

Xie Qiuran, no, Cheng Xinyou, was on the other end of the line.

After hearing what Master Cheng said, she smiled softly to herself.

All the news she had heard was not as reassuring as the answer that her husband had given her after he personally went to take a look.

Master Cheng said he would bring her to Jiang Yaos home when she was better.

Although Cheng Xinyou thought about it and was tempted, she knew that she could not cross that line before Jiang Yao took the initiative to invite her.

Therefore, Cheng Xinyou only smiled at Master Chengs last words and did not say anything.

So Master Cheng also knew Cheng Xinyous worries, so he changed the topic and brought up the Lin familys matter.

“I went to the Lin family.

Initially, I was worried that the Lin family would disturb Jiang Yao, but Jiang Yaos husband had already scared the two of them.

Jiang Yao has two bodyguards by her side, and those two are also on the lookout for any Lin family members.

As soon as Old Madam Lin arrives, she will be dragged out of town.

No matter what, she will be removed.”

Similarly, since Master Cheng saw Old Madam Lin, he also saw Cheng Xinyous ex-husband.

As Cheng Xinyous husband, Master Cheng, objectively evaluated the former Cheng Xinyou, saying, “You must be blind to have fallen in love with that man.

If you had met me earlier, you wouldnt have had the pain of those years.”

That old man was jealous.

Cheng Xinyou let out a long sigh.

“If I had met you then, I think I would have avoided you.

When I saw you in prison, I was desperate.

If I were not with you, I would be Xie Qiuxiang forever..

You were my last hope.”

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