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Chapter 1631: Young Master Lus Arrangement

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“Rather than saying that Young Master Lu wants to capture that big boss, it would be better to say that Young Master Lu is worried that the big boss will have the ability to find your former military spy and you.

If anything happens to you during Young Master Lus closed-door training, Carl and I will have to pay for it with our lives.”

Lu Xingzhi did not tell her a single word about the arrangements he had made in private.

He was probably afraid that she would become even more fearful if she knew too much.

Ruan Yongjun inquired, “We have a lot more people in YN.

Do you still need people here If you do, Ill arrange for some people to come here.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Not for the time being.

Will Master Sen find out that you killed Zhu Qianlan”


If Master Sen investigated this, he would probably only learn things about his own woman.

Zhu Qianlan has offended many people, so Master Sen will take care of that.

By the way, theres one more thing I want to talk to you about.” Ruan Yongjuns face turned serious.

“Master Sen will arrange for someone to take the female boss away tonight and send her to the border between the two countries.

You need to inform the military in advance and have them meet you at the border.

When they arrive, they need to pick her up quickly.

If they delay too long, Master Sens people might catch up with them.”

Jiang Yao was stunned.

The big boss that Ruan Yongjun talked about was Ah Das sister, the groups mastermind.

When she heard Ruan Yongjun say that he would snatch the person from Master Sens hands with Carl, Jiang Yao was dumbfounded.

“Master Sen is a general from YN, and he has a heavy army.

Are you going to snatch him by force” Jiang Yao was dumbfounded.

“Wouldnt that expose all of you If you were to face Master Sen head-on, your lives would be in danger.

Ruan Yongjun smiled excitedly as if it was a hot-blooded game.

“Young Master Lu arranged that himself.

No matter how powerful Master Sen is in YN, he is not the commander of YN.

He also has opponents.

There is a young general who also has a lot of soldiers.

He has relied on his military achievements to stay in his current position.

That young general likes your countrys ink and calligraphy.

Young Master Lu arranged for someone to send him two calligraphy paintings as gifts.

We will fight tonight with that generals men.

We will also fight in the name of that general.

Its just that we will blend in with his men.”

Ruan Yongjun laughed.

Jiang Yao could inexplicably feel that he was looking forward to that nights plan and was full of confidence.

“Director Jiang, you can rest assured about Young Master Lus arrangements.

Ive retired for many years, and tonights plan has made me incredibly excited.

Director Jiang, you dont have to worry that the young general will use us against you.”

Ruan Yongjun waved his hand and said, “Master Sen wanted to keep that boss because of her connections.

There are still many people who havent been caught.

They are alert and have strong ties.

Master Sen wants to use those people to expand the drug business into your country.

The profits of that business are beyond our imagination.

It has even more terrifying profits than the mining business..

Its not even enough to describe how much money theyd make every day.”

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