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Chapter 1629: Let Sister Marry Brother

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As for Jiang Yaos birth mother, Mrs.

Lu was repeating the same old tune.

Jiang Yao would need some time if she wanted to dispel any emotion she had for her biological mother.

“Yaoyao, dont be too sad about your teacher.

A dead person cant be resurrected.

We still have to live well.” Mrs.

Lus main worry was that Jiang Yao would feel unwell because of her teachers accident.

When she woke up in the morning, her eyes were red with tears.

When she left the police station, the squad leader called Mr.

Lu and asked the elderly to console the young woman.

He said that Jiang Yao had been crying at the police station the whole morning, and the squad leaders call had frightened Mr.

Lu and Mrs.


Jiang Yaos fingers trembled slightly.

She pursed her lips and thought,My acting skills are excellent.

“Dont worry, Mom.

Im fine.” Jiang Yao lowered her head and did not look at Mrs.


If she raised her head, she would definitely be exposed.

Her face did not look sad at all.

Jiang Yao pursed her lips and quickly helped Mrs.

Lu tidy the rooms before returning home.

When she reached home, she heard Xiao Ya teasing Cheng Jinnian non-stop.

However, Cheng Jinnian did not answer a single word throughout the entire process.

When she saw Jiang Yao enter the house, Xiao Ya shifted her attention away from Cheng Jinnian.

After Jiang Yao sat down beside her, she pulled Jiang Yao close and whispered, “Sister Jiang Yao, Uncle Chengs two sons arent fun.”

Master Cheng sat not far from the two of them.

Even though Xiao Ya was whispering to Jiang Yao in a low voice, he still heard it.

Therefore, he immediately laughed and said, “Xiao Ya, why arent my two sons fun”

“Theyre the big smiling tiger and the small paralyzed face,” Xiao Ya said without hesitation.

Cheng Jinnian probably did not like the adjectives Xiao Ya used to describe him, so he raised his head and snorted at Xiao Ya.

Then, he quickly put on a smile, smiled sweetly at Jiang Yao, and softly called out to his sister.

He would use his actions to fight against Xiao Ya for calling him a paralyzed face.

On the other hand, Cheng Jinyan only looked at Xiao Ya, then lowered his head and continued doing what he was doing as if he did not understand that Xiao Ya was scolding him.

Master Cheng smiled unkindly at the side.

“Xiao Ya, to tell you the truth, my two sons are very interesting, but that big one is no fun at all.

Hes slippery, just like what you said about a smiling tiger, so he still hasnt found a wife.”

After saying that, Master Cheng turned his gaze to Jiang Yao and asked, “Do you have any friends to introduce him to Hes not young anymore, and he hasnt found a partner yet.

His mother and I are pretty anxious.

Youre already married.

Im worried your children will grow up, and hes still an old bachelor.

Cheng Jinnian stood in front of Jiang Yao and blinked.

He looked at Jiang Yao, then turned back to look at his elder brother, sitting there calmly.

His words were shocking.

“Dad, let Sister marry Brother! Then we can live together again! ”

Jiang Yao and Xiao Ya were dumbfounded.

“Xiao Nian!” Cheng Jinyan held his forehead.

“How can your brother marry your sister”

“Then Ill marry her!” Cheng Jinnian probably noticed that Jiang Yaos expression was too ferocious, so he did not dare to continue saying that his brother should marry her..

He quickly changed his words.

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