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Chapter 1627: Abandoning His Son

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However, the Zhu family head had spoken, stopping anything he wanted to say to persuade him.

“I didnt expel Zhu Qianlan because she offended me or someone from our family, but because she offended someone that we cant afford to offend.

If we bury her in the family plot, it would mean that we went back on our words.

We cant afford to cause so much trouble because of Zhu Qianlan.”

It did not matter if they were still fighting with the other party; they still had to keep their promise.

That matter concerned the Zhu familys reputation.

“Dad, what if Jiang Yao found out that Master Sen and we were spying on her in an attempt to get the neurotoxin”

Zhu Jiu was already regretting it.

Zhu Qianlans death was a heavy blow for him.

In the past, he had always felt that, as a descendant of the Zhu family in Ping City, he had a higher status, more incredible wealth, and more power than the average person.

However, after that, a person whose status they did not even know had forced the Zhu family to expel Zhu Qianlan from their family.

Then, Zhu Qianlan had inexplicably died in front of his house.

The Zhu family head did not immediately answer because he only had one answer in his heart.

He had to abandon Zhu Jiu to protect the Zhu family.

If Jiang Yao and her husband found out that the Zhu family was also involved in that matter, Zhu Jiu would have to follow the same path as Zhu Qianlan.

Only by abandoning Zhu Jiu could the Zhu family show that they knew nothing about Zhu Jius actions and that they were furious about it too.

They could only blame it on Zhu Jiu.

If only they had been successful, the Zhu family and Master Sen would be able to obtain enormous benefits.

The Zhu family head was very depressed as he thought about the Divine Doctors death.

He had planned everything for so long, but the person involved had suddenly died.

Zhu Jiu did not seem to know that the Divine Doctor was dead, so he did not specifically tell Zhu Jiu over the phone.

The father and son had talked for a while before hanging up.

With the arrival of Master Cheng and his son, the Lu familys home had been bustling with activity for the past half day.

Even though Jiang Yao was not prepared for Master Chengs care for her, it was indisputable that Master Cheng had helped her.

After lunch, she did not immediately go to rest.

Instead, she looked at Master Chengs body.


Lus rheumatism was more severe than Master Chengs.

When he was young, Master Cheng had suffered a lot of injuries.

Later, when he was in prison, the prison conditions were not as good as outside, so his condition worsened.

Master Cheng was not in the country in spring because it was rainy and humid.

His whole body would hurt when it came to such weather.


Lus condition was relatively mild.

Jiang Yao was confident that she could slowly cure her.

Even if Jiang Yao had a medical system, Master Chengs condition could only be cured by alleviating a certain degree of pain.

“Master Cheng, youll be staying at my second uncles house for the next few days.

Ill give you acupuncture every morning for 40 minutes.

After a week, Ill get you some medicine for you.

Soak in them for 20 minutes every day.

After a month, it should ease your pain a little, but theres no way to cure it completely.

It had been too long.”

Jiang Yao looked at the disappointed look on Cheng Jinnians face and said, “Your condition is different from my mothers.”

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