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Chapter 1626: What Should We Do

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Master Sen did not wait for his subordinate to finish answering.

When he heard the negative answer, he interrupted his subordinate and growled, “I dont need a useless person.

Ill give you another half day.

If you cant find anything else, all of you will die with Zhu Qianlan!”

“Yes!” The subordinate was so scared that he ran away.

“Come back!” Master Sen was furious when he saw his subordinates cowardice.

“Send someone to keep an eye on that Jiang Yao! Maybe the Divine Doctor faked her death”

The subordinate repeatedly nodded in agreement, but in his heart, he felt that the possibility of the Divine Doctor faking her death was low.

Anyway, the news from the other side said that the Divine Doctors student was crying terribly.

Her eulogy was displayed all over the country.

How could it be fake Could the Divine Doctor still establish herself in the medical circle if it were fake

If one were to ask Master Sen what he thought about Zhu Qianlans death, he would say that he felt as if someone had slapped his face.

Master Sen had countless women, and Zhu Qianlan was not the most beautiful, nor was she the one he doted on the most.

Master Sen would not even bat an eyelid if she had died of illness, car accidents, or accidental death.

However, Zhu Qianlan was killed by someone.

Master Sen would only kill Zhu Qianlan if she provoked him.

On the other hand, Zhu Qianlans death was a wake-up call for Master Zhu and the Zhu family in Ping City.

Zhu Qianlan had been killed, and her body was dropped on a tree in front of Master Zhus house without anyone noticing.

Master Zhu saw that scene when he went out early in the morning; it was as scary as a ghost movie.

“Dad, perhaps Jiang Yao found out about the people that Master Sen and I arranged to monitor her, so she sent someone to kill Qianlan to warn us”

The Master Zhu that everyone mentioned was only Ping Citys Zhu Jiu.

He was the Zhu family heads biological son.

He was favored to work in YN, which was why he had such great power to control the Zhu familys mining business in YN.

“Why are you panicking Qianlan had always been arrogant and looked down on others.

That setback didnt change her personality.

Didnt you mention last time that she offended Master Sens other women by following Master Sen Maybe Master Sens women did it.” The Zhu family also hoped that that was the cause of Zhu Qianlans death.

“Master Sens women have been with him for a long time; none of them are easy to deal with.

Its normal for them to have people they can use to attack Zhu Qianlan.

You should see Master Sens reaction first.”

“Dad, what about Zhu Qianlan Shouldnt we bury her It wont do to keep her here in my villa.

Just thinking about it makes me panic.” Zhu Jiu did not even look at Zhu Qianlan after she was taken down from the tree.

Zhu Qianlan was shot in the chest and died.

Her clothes were covered in blood.

After she died, someone still hung her on the tree.

That was an extremely tragic death, so the locals thought she would become an evil spirit after her death.

“What burial We disowned Zhu Qianlan a long time ago, so she cant be buried in our familys graveyard.

Zhu Qianliang will rush to your place.

When the time comes, you will hand her body to Zhu Qianliang and let Zhu Qianliang find a place to bury his elder sister!”

Zhu Jiu opened his mouth and wanted to speak.

Zhu Qianlan was already dead..

It had felt petty not to bury her in the family plot.

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