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Chapter 1624: She Is Dead

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Cheng Jinyan was only a little shorter than Lu Xingzhi.

Even though Jiang Yao, who was wearing flats, always felt like a little bird when she stood beside them, and even though Jiang Yaos height was not considered short among the southern girls, Lu Xingzhi, who was also born and raised there, seemed to have a unique advantage.

Even at his height, he was much taller than the boys there.

“You want to tell me about Master Sens situation” Jiang Yao put her hands in her pockets and sat on a small chair in the courtyard.

“No, I want to tell you about Zhu Qianlan.”

Cheng Jinyan shook his head.

“Zhu Qianlan is dead.

When my father and I arranged for people to find her, she was already killed with one shot.”

Jiang Yao took a few seconds to digest the news.

“Is she dead Is she dead, or is she faking it I havent even done anything yet, and shes already dead”

It was so sudden that Jiang Yao could not believe it.

She even suspected that the dead person was the fake Zhu Qianlan.

Perhaps the Zhu family realized that she knew the mastermind behind all that had something to do with the Zhu family, so in order to protect Zhu Qianlan, they killed a fake Zhu Qianlan

Cheng Jinyan said, “The one who died was indeed Zhu Qianlan.

It cant be faked.

Zhao Qianlan disappeared for nearly ten hours before we found her.

Our people only saw her body.

She had been dead for several hours.

Then, my fathers men hung Zhu Qianlans body on a tree at Master Zhus villa entrance.

When Master Zhus men found Zhu Qianlans body, they were also shocked.

After Zhu Qianlan arrived in YN, she followed Master Sen and became Master Sens lover.

Because of Zhu Qianlan, Master Zhu and Master Sen joined hands to deal with you.”

Jiang Yao said, “Zhu Qianlan must have followed Master Sen and coincidentally found out that the person Master Sen was investigating was me.”

Cheng Jinyan agreed, “Maybe.

After Master Zhu found Zhu Qianlans body, Master Zhu went to Master Sen to interrogate him, but Master Sen was also very surprised by Zhu Qianlans death.

Master Sen did not send someone to kill Zhu Qianlan, so Im very surprised by who killed Zhu Qianlan.”

After Cheng Jinyan said that, his eyes fell on Jiang Yaos face as if he was observing Jiang Yaos reaction.

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at him when she saw that.

“Why are you looking at me I didnt ask anyone to do it.

I wouldnt know if you hadnt told me.

Im also shocked that Zhu Qianlan is dead!”

Cheng Jinyan smiled.

“Zhu Qianlan just arrived in YN not too long ago.

Master Sen and the Zhu family are behind her.

The local people shouldnt have done anything to her.

If you really dont know, then I cant guess why she was killed.”

“Was it Master Sens wife who did it Or was it another woman who fought for his favor” Jiang Yao touched her chin and could only make that guess.

“Master Sen is in a high position in YN.

He has a lot of soldiers.

There must be many women around him.

Zhu Qianlan always offended other people, and no one likes her.

Maybe she insulted another woman around Master Sen and was killed for it.”

Cheng Jinyan frowned.

“Father has arranged for people to investigate.

Before the investigation is done, the Cheng family will not take any further action for the time being.

My father asked me to tell you that the Cheng family will not sit back and do nothing if Master Sen and Master Zhu bully you..

I am the Cheng familys eldest son, and you are the Cheng familys only daughter, so that makes you the eldest miss.”

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