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Chapter 162: The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for the freshmen was held at the biggest hall in the campus.

Jiang Yao was awakened by Wen Xuehui early in the morning.

Due to Wen Xuehuis pestering, she changed into a bright red gown made of silk and wore a pair of black high heels.

“Do you want to apply some makeup” Zhou Xiaoxia eagerly wanted to give it a try.

“My makeup skills are not bad!”

“Just do it! Zhang Xiqing will definitely put on makeup!” Lin Qiaoyu looked at Jiang Yao who had been tossed around by others for half an hour.

Her eyes were filled with admiration, but not even a tinge of jealousy.

Usually, Jiang Yao would prefer her clothes to be plain and simple.

She did not like to be in the spotlight as if she were a magnolia flower that bloomed freely in silence and had no desire to attract peoples attention.

No matter how attractive the outside world was or how many people treated her indifferently, she could still keep calm.

However, she wore an eye-catching bright red gown.

Her fair skin was even white and snowy in contrast with the bright red.

Also, she had a beautiful body.

Her gowns flounce reached her knees, and her lean and long calves could be seen.

Jiang Yaos skin was very healthy and even the skin on her insteps was fairer and softer than any other girls.

The pair of black heels even added to her dashing aura.

Her shoulder-length hair was styled up by Wen Xuehui.

A diamond-encrusted hairclip was used to clip the hair on the sides to the back of her ears.

She looked even lovelier when she smiled.

She was like a red lotus that day.

Although pure-looking, she was filled with lively energy, like a blazing flame that seemed dazzling to others.

“Theres no need for that.

Our Jiang Yao is different from those coquettish women like Zhang Xiqing.” Wen Xuehui scanned Jiang Yao thoroughly and was satisfied with her outfit.

“Jiang Yao was born as a beauty.

She looks prettier than Zhang Xiqing even without makeup.

Zhang Xiqing only likes to put on thick makeup.

Its our best chance to let Jiang Yao teach Zhang Xiqing a lesson and show her how should a dignified beauty actually looks like.”

Jiang Yao looked at herself in the mirror and felt surprised too.

She only realized then that she looked really beautiful in a red dress.

Suddenly, she wanted to let Lu Xingzhi have a look at her.

“Wen Xuehui, help me to take a few photos later when Im giving my speech!” Jiang Yao curved up her lips into a smile.

“I know that you brought a camera here last night!”

Wen Xuehui chuckled.

“Arent I going to take a few photos of you for you to keep as a memory Youre giving a speech as the freshman representative, thats definitely an honor.”

Wen Xuehui nodded and agreed to help.

She then smirked at Jiang Yao.

“I made a deal with my dad last night.

Youll be the first to give a speech on the stage.

Once youre up, say whatever you want and theres no need to care about the time limit of fifteen minutes.

If you talk for five minutes more, Zhang Xiqing whos next will need to cut short her speech by five minutes.

Just drive her crazy!”

“Xuehui, youre such a great friend!” Jiang Yao embraced Wen Xuehui immediately.

“Dont you worry, I will drive her crazy today.”

It was great news for her to be able to go first.

That was why she was at an undefeatable advantage to have the chancellors daughter as her friend.

Due to the freshman representative, the batch of freshmen were more excited for the school opening ceremony than the previous ones.

When Jiang Yao arrived at the hall, there was already a full house.

Qi Xuan was waiting for Jiang Yao at the entrance of the hall.

Since she was the freshman representative and needed to give a speech on stage, she was assigned to a seat at the front of the hall.

When Qi Xuan saw Jiang Yao, she was stunned.

Amazement flashed through her eyes but she suppressed her feelings quickly and praised her, “You look very beautiful today!”

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