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Chapter 1621: Will Never Come

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The Divine Doctor would disappear from the world in the form of an airplane crash.

On the surface, she would be extremely sad as her teachers sole student.

Even when she was upset, and her family was concerned, she always put on a good show.

The atmosphere at the breakfast table was weird due to the death of the Divine Doctor.

Everyone was paying close attention to Jiang Yaos emotions.

Everyone comforted her after noticing she was depressed, but they said nothing.

After eating, Jiang Yao phoned the squad leader and said that she wanted to see Pan Peng.

The county was not affected by the aviation tragedy.

The squad leader just heard that Jiang Yaos voice was off, but he had no idea why Jiang Yao wanted to visit Pan Peng.

However, Jiang Yao was an important figure in that situation, so the squad leader did not resist.

He allowed Jiang Yao to come to the station immediately.

He would meet her at the train station.

She persuaded her family to accompany her, and she left Xiao Ya at home to accompany Old Madam Liang.

She took Moe, who was hidden in her backpack, and drove to the county town in Second Uncle Lus car.

When Jiang Yao arrived at the police station, the squad leader conversed with a few people near the door.

Perhaps he recognized Second Uncle Lus car and assumed it was Jiang Yao, so he motioned to her from a distance and instructed her not to get out of the car for the time being.

When she noticed the squad leaders signal, Jiang Yao retracted her hand, which was ready to open the automobile door.

Only after listening to the conversation between the squad leader and those persons did she realize they were the victims family members.

They were at the police station to enquire about the investigations progress.

Jiang Yao waited until the squad leader had sent those people away before she got out of the car and walked toward him.

Her eyes, which had been smeared with eye drops, were red and wet with tears.

“Whats wrong” The squad leader was shocked when he saw Jiang Yaos expression.

Did the victims family go to her town to cause trouble

Jiang Yao shook her head and looked very tired.

She asked in a hoarse voice, “Can I go see Pan Peng now”

The squad leader nodded and brought Jiang Yao to the detention room.

Pan Peng compared the jail chamber to a hotel.

He would sleep after he ate, and he ate after waking up.

If it had not been for the police officers repeatedly hammering on the door when Jiang Yao arrived, Pan Peng would have been sleeping blissfully.

He acted as if the advanced lung cancer did not bother him at all.

He would cough twice, at most.

“Oh, youre here again” Pan Peng saw the person at the door after he turned around and did not have any intention of getting up.

He lay there with his legs crossed and asked, “Is the Divine Doctor here”

Jiang Yao replied, with a sobbing tone, “Teacher cant come.

Shell never come.”

Her shoulders trembled, and she began to sob as she stated that.

Her hands grasped the iron railing tightly as she yelled angrily at the person inside.

“If you had not forced her to come, nothing bad would have happened to her! It is all because of you! It was all because of you that my teacher was killed! Give me back my teacher! You are all jerks who went out and damaged other peoples lives for your own selfish reasons.

You were responsible for the deaths of the victims.

Some people have lost their fathers, wives, and children due to your actions! You also caused my teachers death!”

The squad leader stood beside Jiang Yao and looked at her tearful face.

He was shocked when he saw that the young woman, only a few years older than his daughter, was holding onto the railing and crying so badly..

It was clear how upset she was.

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