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Chapter 1619: Aviation Accident

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“Theres still an hour and 10 minutes left.

Hang in there,” Yang replied and helped Xiao Gao chase their comrades away.

“Go away! Xiao Gao is the youngest among us, so leave him be.”

Xiao Gao raised his head and let out a long sigh.

Then, he helplessly sat on the ground and raised his right foot.

Suddenly, he stood up again and used his right foot to jump back into the tent while laughing.

“The Colonel only said that my right foot is not allowed to touch the ground before midnight.

He did not say that I was not allowed to sit, and he did not say that I was not allowed to go to sleep! Im going back to sleep.

Why dont I just put my right foot on the blanket ”

The laughter outside reached Lu Xingzhis ears.

He was lying flat on his back.

His eyes were closed, but he had not gone to sleep.

He had not intended to punish Little Gao, but he wanted to see if he was smart enough.

In the end, did that kid stand there for more than half an hour before he realized what was going on

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the young warriors in the mountains, even though they could still hear people talking in the middle of the night, it was still time for everyone to fall asleep in the small town.

Moe was lying on Jiang Yaos side when he fell asleep.

Since Lu Xingzhi was not there, he took up the position that belonged to Lu Xingzhi.

Moe was comparable to Jiang Yaos mysophobia, so Jiang Yao did not dislike it.

The phone that was charging on the bedside table suddenly rang.

Moe woke up before Jiang Yao did.

Then, he saw Jiang Yao roll over and rub her eyes as she reached for the phone on the bedside table.

The phone call was from Liang Yueze, whom Jiang Yao had just contacted earlier in the day.

He was talking about arranging for the Divine Doctors accidental death.

Liang Yueze said, “An hour ago, a plane from MD Country to M Country crashed into the sea.

According to the news, more than a hundred passengers from different countries were on the plane.

The allied countries are trying to find the crash site to rescue and salvage the plane.”

Jiang Yao was immediately jolted awake by the news.

“You mean to use that aviation accident to arrange for the Divine Doctors unexpected death”

Liang Yueze said, “Yes.

Even though I hope that the plane can be salvaged and there will be survivors, everyone knows that the survival rate of an aviation accident is extremely low, let alone when one falls into the sea.

With the current salvage technology, the probability of the plane being salvaged is almost zero.

It is just a show for the victims families, but everyone knows that the likelihood of salvaging the plane is very low.”

In her previous life, Jiang Yao was so focused on her studies that she did not know that there had been such an aviation accident in history.

She did not expect such an aviation accident to happen just as she was about to make the Divine Doctor disappear from that world.

“That plane is not a direct flight.

It stopped at an airport midway.

In order to prevent unnecessary trouble, the airlines and the country will definitely hide the number of people who died.

Master Sen and Master Zhu will not be able to find the list of people who died.” Liang Yueze felt that the aviation accident would be more useful than arranging another accident.

“I did tell someone during the day that my teacher had booked a plane ticket to come here.

That aviation accident happened so coincidentally this evening, so we can use that accident to announce to the public that the Divine Doctor had died on the way to treat the victims..

That way, the death of the Divine Doctor could be crowned with a sacrifice.”

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