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Chapter 1615: Die Tomorrow

Xiao Gao also felt that he must have had too much courage that day, which was why he had braved himself to accept that.

At that moment, he only wanted to use a months worth of rations to go back on his word.

He did not know if anyone was willing to accept that.

He was dead meat! He could feel his colonels wrath!

“Colonel, I was wrong! Its my first offense.

Give me a chance, please” Xiao Gao quickly stood up with a forced smile on his face.

“Colonel, many people in the team are thinking about your metal box.

How about I atone for my sins In the future, Ill help you keep an eye on them and not let them send anyone to steal your box again.

I can be your spy.”

Lu Xingzhis lips twitched imperceptibly.

Then, he turned around and said, “Good for you!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Im a good-for-nothing!”

Xiao Gao replied with a cheeky smile.

Then, he ran out as fast as he could.

At the same time, he thought that the colonel wanted to settle that debt the next day.

Xiao Gao ran as if he was running for his life.

When he ran back to the camp, he was panting like a dog.

“Look at the big shoe print on your clothes.

Did the Colonel do that” Yang pointed at the footprint on Xiao Gaos clothes and laughed out loud.

“Why didnt Colonel skin you alive Why did he let you come back”

Gao grunted, “I might die tomorrow! But, even though I didnt get the box, I did get the things in it.

Does that count If it doesnt count, then I wont show you whats in it!”

“You took the things in the metal box Good for you, Gao!” Yang placed his palm on Gaos shoe print.

The more he saw Gao bare his teeth in pain and glared at him, the happier he became.

“Ill keep my word!”

“Well keep our word too.

Hurry and take out the things for us to see!” The other two pleaded with him.

Xiao Gaos expression was full of pain and suffering.

Then, he immediately crouched down on the ground proudly.

He carefully took out two pieces of paper-like material from his pocket and said, “The Colonels precious metal box is filled with these, all of them! When I went in, I was afraid that I would run into him when I came out, so I took a few and hid them in my pocket.

I didnt expect to be caught by the Colonel when I came out! But he did not realize that I had hidden them in my pocket!”

“What is that thing Is it a picture of his wife” Yang pinched the paper in Xiao Gaos hand and exclaimed, “It looks like a thousand paper cranes.

Did you squash it It seems like it.

My niece, who is in primary school, likes to fold these small crafts.

That thousand paper crane looks like a girl folded it.

Look at how beautiful it is! ”

Xiao Gao said with certainty, “Then it must be folded by his wife! Thats why theyre so precious to him! When he saw me holding the box, the look in his eyes almost swallowed me.

Its scary just thinking about it.”

“If his wife made a gift for the Colonel, then he is really a romantic.

Its like looking at an object and thinking of a person.” A female soldier sighed.

“Im envious.

I thought that someone would be very unlucky to marry a cold-faced man like the Colonel.

But now, it seems that the Colonel and his wife are also very romantic.

He even brought her gift to training.

To be honest, I have never thought of giving such a small thing to my partner..”

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