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Chapter 1606: Explanation

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Pan Pengs lung cancer was terminal.

Even with medical science, no medicine could cure it.

Anyway, when a person was about to die, he did not care whether he died of illness or a death sentence.

Master Sen must have given him enough money and promised to protect his family.

“Captain, if you want to save someone, its useless to talk to me.

Didnt I tell you that you can look at the girl next to you if you want to save someone” After Pan Peng said that, he immediately lay down on the small bed and left his back to the person outside the railing.

When the captain looked at her again, Jiang Yao said, “My teacher is abroad.

Usually, shes either in the operating theater or in the laboratory.

Most of the time, shes not free.

Even if she is free, it will take a long time for her to return to our country when shes abroad.”

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and said, “Why dont I go to the hospital to check on the patients condition and then call my teacher to ask her about it.

Ill see what my teacher says.

If she has a way to guide me, it might save me more time.”

Pan Pengs snickering came from inside the cell.

“Some young ladies are really boastful.

Theyve only studied with the Divine Doctor for a short time, and they already think they have half the Divine Doctors skills Letting a young girl whos still wet behind the ears handle matters that are of vital importance”

Second Uncle Lu felt that Pan Pengs words were a little too harsh, but it made a little sense.

Jiang Yao was still young, and she had only been in class for half a year.

He was afraid that when Jiang Yao went to the hospital, she would be torn apart by the patients family members.

“Go and try.” The squad leader looked at Pan Peng.

He could also see Pan Pengs intention with his many years of experience handling cases.

His words were meant to agitate Jiang Yao, wanting her to find her teacher.

He did not think Pan Pengs motive was revenge.

The squad leader felt that Pan Peng wanted to find the so-called Divine Doctor.

No matter how he thought about it, it was wrong for Pan Peng to put his own life at risk to find a person.

Therefore, there was only one possibility—someone behind Pan Peng had instructed him to do so.

The person looking for the Divine Doctor must be Pan Pengs boss.

Therefore, Pan Peng might not have known about the poison in the lobster.

The squad leader took Jiang Yao, the two men, and a few police officers to the hospital in two cars.

He did not expect that the hospital would be crowded with so many people in such a short amount of time, all of whom were the victims family members.

A few reporters from the citys newspapers were there to interview the victims families.

The family members of the victim who died looked like they wanted to set up a memorial at the hospitals main entrance.

Someone with sharp eyes saw the police car parked a few meters away from the hospitals entrance and suddenly shouted, “The police are here! Lets find the police and demand an explanation!”

Moe was frightened when he saw those aggressive people.

He jumped onto Jiang Yaos shoulder and said, “You should go somewhere else.

Look at the people outside.”

“Were not done with the police and the Lu family! Director Lus driver sent the lobsters to the restaurant.

This is related to the Lu family!” Someone among the family members suddenly shouted, “No one from the Lu family has shown up until now.

That group of people in uniform must be protecting the Lu family!”

“I heard from the doctors that our family members cant be saved unless the Divine Doctor comes.

The Divine Doctor is Director Lus niece-in-laws teacher..

Director Lu harmed our family members.

We must get them to call the Divine Doctor to save our family members!”

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