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Chapter 1604: Looking For Her

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In fact, even without Cheng Jinyans call, Jiang Yao would have confirmed her suspicions when she saw Pan Peng in the detention room.

She had arrived at the detention room with a few people, but Pan Pengs gaze fell on her through the railing.

There was clearly some information in that gaze.

Pan Peng had seen her before, or rather, Pan Peng was waiting for her to appear.

“Youre too evil! Its normal for businessmen to compete with each other.

If everyone in the world was like you, everyone would be poisoned to death.

Wouldnt the world be in chaos” Second Uncle Lu cursed when he saw him.

“Just pray that the people in the hospital are fine, or else youll get the death sentence.”

“If I were afraid of death, I wouldnt do such a thing.” Pan Peng could still smile with a relaxed face.

Then, he said, “Whether the people in the hospital die or not has nothing to do with me.”

“We cant find out what kind of poison he injected into the lobster.

The hospital hasnt come up with the test results yet.

The fastest is 24 hours, but the patients in the hospital cant wait.” The squad leader had a headache.

“Its such a pity.

I had wanted to poison you and your elder brother and sister-in-law, and I didnt expect others to suffer for you instead.” Pan Peng proudly crossed his legs and curled his lips into a smile.

Those who did not know the situation would think he was in a cafe instead of the detention room.

“You want to save those innocent people Then ask her.” Pan Peng pointed his finger at Jiang Yao and said, “She is the Divine Doctors student.

Her teacher can save those that she cant.

With so many lives at stake, it should be worth the Divine Doctors time, right”

“What Divine Doctor” Second Uncle Lu and the policeman were dumbfounded.

“It doesnt matter if you dont understand.

As long as she understands, its all good.” Pan Peng changed his hand gesture and came to Jiang Yao through the iron railing.

“Think about the people in the hospital room.

They say that doctors are benevolent.

Do you want to call your teacher and ask her to come here to save those people”

“Miss Jiang, is it true that your teacher can save those victims” The police officer was a little excited when he heard that someone could save them.

“Her teacher is the Divine Doctor.

The Divine Doctor can definitely save them.” Pan Peng confidently answered the police officers question on behalf of Jiang Yao.

“That poison is not simple.”

It was indeed not a simple poison.

Other than the poppy, the other two toxins could also cause massive damage to ones body.

The medical technology and detection techniques at that point were outdated.

It would take a lot of time to detect the poison contained in the lobster.

It would be too late to treat the patient when the poison was detected.

Even if the toxins did not kill the patient, they would still kill the patients healthy body.

It would have a terrible after-effect on the patient.

Jiang Yao already knew the composition of the toxins, but she did not know if she could tell them.

Everyone knew that she had returned home to recuperate and was not in any condition to do any experiment.

Furthermore, the lobsters had been taken away, and she did not have any samples.

If she told them, would those people believe her What would they think of her if they believed her

Jiang Yao did not want to be the center of attention again.

Therefore, at that moment, Jiang Yao also knew Pan Pengs purpose.

His purpose was to poison the people closest to her in the Lu family, including Jiang Yao.

If the hospital were helpless, her teacher would definitely rush back to save her..

As long as her teacher hurried back to save her, Master Sen would use that opportunity to investigate the mysterious Divine Doctors identity…

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