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Chapter 1603: You Sent People To Investigate Me

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“But I dont understand why you have to send such a person to protect me,” Second Uncle Lu asked Jiang Yao, puzzled.

Jiang Yao smiled and did not explain.

She did not plan to tell her family about being targeted by YN so that they would not worry about her.

The town was quite a distance from their home.

Second Uncle Lu drove steadily and did not hurry.

Moe was playing a game on Jiang Yaos phone in her pocket.

When he was about to pass the level, he was interrupted by an incoming call.

He was so angry that he almost swallowed Jiang Yaos phone.

When Jiang Yao heard the ringtone, she smiled and took the phone from Moes hand.

It was Cheng Jinyan, so she picked it up.

Cheng Jinyan went straight to the point.

“My father knows about your family matters.

Pan Pengs current identity is fake.

His name is Pan Peng, but hes not a businessman.

The things he told the police were all fake.

Hes a robber who just got out of prison a few years ago.

A huge sum of money suddenly appeared in his bank account about half a month ago.

Through the layers of investigation on that money, we finally found one of Master Sens subordinates.”

Cheng Jinyan sounded worried.

“Jiang Yao, this might have happened because of you.”

“You sent people to investigate me” Jiang Yaos voice was slightly cold.

Cheng Jinyan quickly explained, “Father left some men to protect you.

Because of your mother, your father treated you as part of our family.

You dont have to be too angry.

Father only told them to pay attention to your concerns and did not allow them to approach you.

He was afraid that if no one were there, we would not be able to help you in time if something happened.

Father also told me to tell you not to worry too much about Master Sen.

He has no reason to bully a member of the Cheng family like that.”

Without giving Jiang Yao a chance to say anything else, Cheng Jinyan hung up the phone.

However, Jiang Yaos frown deepened because of that phone call.

Master Cheng left someone to protect her When did that happen

However, since Big Ke and Ah Lu did not notice it, it should be the same as Cheng Jinyan said.

Master Chengs people did not get close to her, so Big Ke and Ah Lu did not notice it.

Of course, the real reason Jiang Yao frowned was the news Cheng Jinyan had given her.

Jiang Yao could not understand why Master Sen and Master Zhu arranged for people to monitor her.

Why would they attack Second Uncle Lu again

What was the reason he attacked Second Uncle Lu

Did he want to poison Uncle Lu or everyone else

Did Master Sen want to poison the people around her so that she would have no one to rely on

Master Sen would not be so ignorant and stupid.

What if he poisoned her to death He would not be able to get the neurotoxin if that happened.

Since she had learned Pan Pengs identity from Cheng Jinnian, Jiang Yao did not want to go to the county town anymore.

She had wanted to go to the county town because she felt that there was something wrong with Pan Peng.

She had a vague feeling that he was coming for her, so she prepared to meet that person to test him out.

The things that had happened in the past few days after she returned home made Jiang Yao feel a little astonished.

She had planned to recuperate at home, so she did not expect things to come one after another.

She pondered the situation—it was better to face it sooner than later.

Second Uncle Lu parked his car at the police station entrance and walked in with Jiang Yao and his newly appointed assistant..

Once the three of them arrived at the squad leaders room, he brought them to the detention room where they held Pan Peng.

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