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“Its useless to think about that now.

After we send him back to the county, we can ask him in person.

Otherwise, we can wait for the police to interrogate him, and we can wait for the results.” Mr.

Lu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Its fine as long as that person confessed.

If he confessed, then there wouldnt be much for you to worry about.


Lu was worried that the person would say that he did not know anything, and then he would have to spend a great deal of effort to investigate that matter and drag out all the people who had contact with the lobsters and interrogate them one by one.

There was no need to make people nervous, and there was no need to accuse others in this manner falsely.

“Its rare to see people commit a crime and then wait at home for the police to arrest them.

Its even rarer to see people confess without the police beating them up.” Mrs.

Lu felt that Second Uncle Lus fake friend was puzzling.

Perhaps he was afraid that he would be angry when he went to the county town, so Second Uncle Lu did not leave the Lu family home.

Instead, he chose to wait at home for the news.

Old Madam Liang and Xiao Ya slept until eleven oclock before they woke up and went downstairs.

Xiao Ya supported old Madam Liang as she sniffed in the direction of the kitchen and sighed at the delicious fragrance.


Lu, who had been in a bad mood because of the lobster incident, was much better after Second Uncle Lu was not implicated in the matter.

Therefore, when she was cooking in the kitchen, she was happy.

When she saw Xiao Ya, Mrs.

Lu smiled and said, “Try the food later and see if you like it.

If theres anything that doesnt suit your appetite, you must tell me.”

Xiao Ya nodded with a grin.

“It will definitely suit my appetite if it smells good.

Im just afraid that Ill finish your rice, Auntie.

If the dishes are delicious, I will just eat an extra serving of rice.

Furthermore, I can really eat!”

“Mom, Xiao Ya is lying.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“I heard from Zhou Weiqi that you once ate five bowls of rice when you went to his place for a meal.

You ate all of his portions by yourself.”

“He was so stingy! He refused to treat me to a meal after that.” Xiao Ya curled her lips and said, “Im still growing up, and its so hard for me to study.

Naturally, I have to eat more.

If he cant even give me more rice, wont I be overwhelmed by my studies”

The six of them sat at the dining table and ate happily.

Xiao Ya was a talkative person, and her personality was very similar to Xiao Xiaos.

She was great at making the elderly happy.

Second Uncle Lu saw Xiao Ya as if she was his own daughter.

If Xiao Ya and Xiaoxiao were together, there would definitely be endless things to talk about.

“I met Sister Xiaoxiao on the way to Jindo City once.

She was with Jiang Yaos second brother.

Sister Xiaoxiao scolded Jiang Lei for following her.

Jiang Lei said that she was overbearing and wouldnt let him walk on the same road as she was on.

Listening to the two of them arguing made me nearly laugh to my death!”

If she had not bumped into Lu Xiaoxiao and Jiang Lei, Xiao Ya would not know that there were adults in the world who could quarrel to such a childish extent.

The two of them argued on the street until Lu Xiaoxiao said she wanted to complain to her sister-in-law.

Jiang Lei said he wanted to complain to Second Uncle Lu, and then the two of them glared at each other until they almost started fighting on the street.

While everyone was listening to Xiao Ya talking about Lu Xiaoxiao and Jiang Lei, Second Uncle Lus phone rang.

It was the police station, so he picked up the phone while listening to Xiao Yas words.

Jiang Yao eavesdropped on his conversation.

“Director Lu, Pan Peng admitted that he injected poison into the lobster in an attempt to poison you to death.

According to Pan Peng, the gardener who did that resented you for stealing the land that he took a fancy to in the city.

Then, he changed his mind at the last minute and refused to cooperate with him, causing him to lose a lot of money..

He said that he had investigated the Lu family and felt that there was no capable person in your family other than you, so he was prepared to poison you to death and then snatch the land from your hands.”

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