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Chapter 1600: He Didnt Run Away

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The lobster was injected with a plant toxin.

The toxin was extracted from a type of flower called poppy.

Those flowers were commonly seen in the border area between Province Yun and YN.

It was also possible to see farmers planting them in large areas in small countries like MD Country.

However, it was prohibited to plant poppies privately in the country.

Even if pharmacists wanted to grow it for medical purposes, they had to apply and go through strict checks and approvals.

The flower was poisonous in all its beads.

Its roots, stems, and seeds were highly poisonous.

However, more traders extracted the poppys poison for profit rather than medical purposes.

In particular, the poppies in MD Country were used by many farmers and traders as a tool to make money.

They used the poppies to process and produce poison.

That poison did not kill people immediately, but it could make people addicted to them.

Then, it would gradually take away peoples health and lives in the long years of addiction.

In addition to the poppies, two other poisons were found in lobsters.

One came from the more common jimsonweed, and another came from an animal.

Those three poisons were injected into lobsters.

Usually, people would only cook lobsters for three to five minutes before eating them.

Some people even liked the half-cooked lobster meat.

The high temperature was not enough to make the toxins lose their effect.

Jiang Yao wondered how many people who ate those lobsters and were sent to the hospital had a chance of survival.

More importantly, the medical standards of the county hospital were limited.

Those doctors only thought it was food poisoning.

They might not be able to find the source of the poison in a short time.

If they could not find the source, they could not prescribe the right medicine.

Jiang Yao came out of the medical system and looked at Second Uncle Lu, who was on the phone with someone.

She only heard Second Uncle Lu speak excitedly.

Jiang Yao did not eavesdrop.

Instead, she waited for his call to finish before she asked, “Whats the situation”

“My—” Second Uncle Lu almost said his friend again, but he changed his words when he was about to say it.

“Pan Peng, that son of a b*tch, has been caught.

The city police assisted the county police in arresting him.

When the police arrived at his house, he did not even resist.

He asked the police if I had died from the poison.

Then the police arrested him and are now on the way back to our county police station.”

“By the looks of it, he was waiting at home for you to be poisoned to death, right How much does he hate you” Mr.

Lu was also furious.

“How can there be such a vicious person in this world He wants to kill people at any time.

Is he still human”

“The police said he did not run away He did not resist When he saw the police, he asked if you were poisoned to death” Jiang Yao was also speechless.

“How much does he want you to die He even risked his own life.

Second Uncle, you didnt steal his wife, did you”

People said that men would only hate those who stole their wife or killed their child.

Second Uncle Lu did not kill anyone, so he could only have provoked the other man to hate him so much because he had stolen his wife.

“Steal what Am I that kind of person” Second Uncle Lu spat.

“I dont plan to find a stepmother for Xiaoxiao.

Why would I provoke a woman Im a gentleman.

Im afraid that if I accidentally get involved with a woman that I cant get rid of, theyll be Xiaoxiaos stepmother.

Then, they might bully my daughter.”

Jiang Yao was only joking; she felt like it was all nonsense..

Second Uncle Lu was not that kind of person.

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