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Chapter 1599: Dont Know His Intentions

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Second Uncle Lu suddenly came to a realization and laughed embarrassedly, “Yes, I was scared silly.

This is our own place.

Why should I be scared If I want to be scared, Ill be the one who hurts others!”

Second Uncle Lu was shocked by the incident and did not react for a moment.

After Jiang Yao reminded him, he felt that his idea of running away was too ridiculous.

Who in the city had better connections than him

Second Uncle Lu chose to call the police in a special way.

He did not call the police station but the police chief to tell him about his side of the story.

As long as people had enough money, sometimes they could still get the corresponding special treatment.

A police car came to the Lu family shortly after Second Uncle Lu called the police.

A county police squad leader emerged from the vehicle.

The squad leader brought people to take the lobster on the Lu familys kitchen counter as evidence.

“Fortunately, you havent eaten yet.” After the squad leader entered the house, he chatted with Second Uncle Lu before he told him about the situation at the hospital.

“Before I came here, I was at the hospital.

I heard from the doctors that, for the time being, we still cant find out what kind of poison the person was suffering from.

They can only treat him with ordinary medicine for food poisoning first.

The hospital has already contacted the hospitals and experts in the province.

They want the provinces hospitals to send experts to assist them or transfer those patients to the provincial hospital.”

“How many people were poisoned” Jiang Yao asked.

“A table of 12 guests was sent to the hospital.

Those who ate more were still in surgery.

Those who ate less were in better condition.

Then again, some ate a little but did not have much reaction.

The other team has already gone to the city to look for that person.

Once they find him, they will bring him back to the county bureau to be investigated.”

Then, the squad leader took statements from the Lu family.

He told Second Uncle Lu that he would inform him as soon as the results came out and then leave with his men.

As a result, the Lu family elders were not in the mood to eat.

When they remembered that they had guests at home, Mrs.

Lu had no choice but to cook.

At least she could prepare some lunch to entertain the guests at home.

After Second Uncle Lu saw the squad leader off, he called the police chief and talked for a long time before sitting back on the sofa.

After thinking for a while, Second Uncle Lu asked again, “Is it possible that the person who sent my friend the Australian lobster wanted to harm him That person did not know that he would give me the lobster; he thought that my friend would eat it.”

Then Second Uncle Lu kept quiet when he saw Mr.

Lus gaze.

“Forget it.

Im the one who doesnt know how to judge a person well.

I dont understand this nonsense! Hes just a poisonous scorpion! But I just cant figure out whats in it for him to poison me to death.”


Lu said, “Maybe he hates you for snatching the land that he wanted, so he pretended to befriend you to look for an opportunity to harm you.

We dont know his intention.

Who knows what was in his mind”

Jiang Yao sat on the sofa without making a sound.

Those who did not know would have thought she was sitting there with her eyes closed to rest.

However, Moe was lying by her feet, and he knew that Jiang Yao had entered the medical system.

Jiang Yao scanned the lobster and went to the system lab.

She took advantage of the opportunity and went to the laboratory to perform a dissection.

The equipment in the lab was more advanced than any other place outside..

Therefore, Jiang Yao only busied herself for a few minutes before she got the results.

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