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Chapter 1592: Four Kilometers

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After Jiang Yao came out of the medical system, her first thought was that she would never use cell activation and regeneration technology unless they were absolutely necessary.

She had only used the neurotoxin once, and it had attracted a group of enemies.

If she used that technology, would the whole world stare at her

A person with a broken leg would not die.

If it were not someone close to her or someone she trusted, she would definitely not use that technology.

She wanted to use the medical system to save more people, but she also wanted to protect herself.

However, the System Admin also told her a piece of good news.

Her vision and hearing abilities had doubled.

Previously, she could only see and hear people and voices within a two-kilometer radius.

At that moment, she could see and hear people and voices within a four-kilometer radius.

That made Jiang Yao a little excited.

If she had had that ability when she was searching the mountains back then, she would have been able to find the person she was looking for in half the time.

Jiang Yao could not wait to go to the balcony and test her ability.

Her field of vision instantly expanded by two times.

As long as she wanted to, she could hear whatever those people were whispering about.

There were no secrets within four kilometers of Jiang Yao.

She saw Mr.

Lu carrying a basket and following Mrs.

Lu in the market.


Lu was trying hard to bargain with the vegetable farmers.

She could hear people at the market entrance saying that Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu were so close that it was enviable.

She was already so old, but she still needed his company when she went out to buy vegetables.

She also saw her Second Uncle Lu driving into the area that she could see.

She saw the relaxed and happy expression on the mans face.

She could also see a plastic box in the trunk of his car.

The plastic box had the logo of air transport on it.

She could even see a huge Australian lobster in the box.

It was a good feeling to be able to see through everything.

It was as if that world had no secrets for her.

It was as if she controlled that world.

It gave her a strong sense of security.

Second Uncle Lu arrived earlier than Mr.

and Mrs.


When he entered the door, he carried the plastic box with a happy expression.

“Jiang Yao, quickly put this in your refrigerator.

There is a lobster about the same size as last time.” Second Uncle Lu dragged his thin coat when he entered the door.

“My friend is a good person.

He was not angry when I said that I couldnt cooperate with him for the time being.

He even gave me those two lobsters.

He said he would treat that matter as if he were a good friend of mine.

Initially, I was too embarrassed to accept these two lobsters, but he insisted on giving them to me.

He said that if I did not accept them, he would not be willing to befriend me.”

“It seems like that person has good taste and cherishes you as a friend.” Jiang Yao knocked on the box.

“There are two lobsters inside”

Jiang Yao only saw one when she looked at it just now.

“Theres only one left.

I asked my driver to take the other one home.

He has been driving for me for many years.

He is honest, dutiful, and hard-working.

He doesnt have many tricks up his sleeve.

I quite like him.

Anyway, we have only a few people here.

Weve tried it once already anyway, so I gave him the smaller one.”

Second Uncle Lu rolled up his sleeves as he spoke.

“Ive learned from the chef from last time..

Ill cook for you guys at noon today! I heard that you have a guest today.

What a coincidence! Lets give the guest a nice dish at noon!”

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