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Chapter 1586: She Must Die

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“You are such a sweet child.” Jiang Yaos words made Old Madam Liang, who felt a little uneasy, laugh.

When they left, they were still a little worried that the Lu family would be troubled by the old ladys presence.

However, Lu Xingzhis parents seemed happy that they were there.

So, the old lady was relieved.

She was a guest in their home, so she was afraid she would not be welcomed.

However, it seemed like she did not need to worry about it.

“Hello, Mr.

Lu, Mrs.

Lu! My name is Xiao Ya.

Im here with Grandma.

You welcome me too, right I dont eat much, perhaps just three bowls of rice each meal!” Xiao Ya greeted the elders playfully, and it immediately made Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu burst into laughter.

“Grandma Liang, I have to speak with Uncle Liang.

Please rest in the house for a while.

Ill accompany you after Im done.” Jiang Yao helped Old Madam Liang into the house and poured a glass of water for her.

Old Madam Liang knew what Jiang Yao meant, so she nodded and let them continue with their work.

After settling Xiao Ya and Old Madam Liang in the house, Jiang Yao brought Mr.

Liang to Big Ke and Ah Lu.

The two bodyguards did not sleep the entire night; they were afraid of more unexpected intruders.

The two people in the cellar were knocked unconscious, so Mr.

Liangs men took them away quietly so that the neighbors were not alarmed.


Liang said, “The people protecting your family will return around noon.

When they arrive, someone will contact you.

You can tell them in detail when the time comes.

Ill take these two away.

Please tell your parents that I need to take my leave.”

Jiang Yao knew that Mr.

Liang must have seized the time to investigate the identities of the two people and other matters, so she also understood that he had left in a hurry.

Jiang Yao called him in a severe tone.

“I have one request.

I want a severe punishment for them.”

Jiang Yao said, “I dont know if Zhu Qianlans death will affect you, but she must die!”

What reason did she have to keep a person who wanted her life

Why would she indulge a person who wanted to hurt her

“Do what you want to do.

The Liang family will be your help, not your stumbling block.” Mr.

Liang did not say anything else; he patted Jiang Yaos shoulder and gave her an encouraging look.

Jiang Yao was Lu Xingzhis wife, and she did not need to be kind.

She only needed to be quick and brave.

Jiang Yaos brows relaxed, and the smile in her eyes slowly spread.

She would not let herself fall into any more danger.

She did not dare to try again, and she did not dare to imagine it.

When she thought about how Lu Xingzhi had run wildly on the track as if he had gone mad, her heart ached.

If she were injured, Lu Xingzhi would only be in more pain than her.

Her pain was only skin deep.

Lu Xingzhis pain was from the bottom of his heart.

Lu Xingzhi still could not let go of the accident that caused her plane crash.

It took her a long time to cure Lu Xingzhis insomnia.

For a long time, Lu Xingzhi had to listen to her voice to fall asleep, and then he would wake easily too.

Even when he was sleeping, he would wake up occasionally in the middle of the night and hold her tightly in his arms, as if he had had a terrible nightmare..

The first thing he did after waking up was to make sure that she was still by his side.

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