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Liang said, “Jiang Yao, you must have something urgent to have called me so late.

Tell me; Im listening.”

“Uncle Liang, Ive caught two people.

One is from the Zhu family in Ping City, and the other is from YN.

Theyre here for the neurotoxin I used in YN.

Ive also heard something else from one of them.

Ah Das sister is now with Master Sen.

She gave money to Master Sen and even transferred her manpower to Master Sen in exchange for his protection and to save her brother.

Master Sen found a mercenary group to infiltrate the troops.

They might have already entered the country.”


Liang said, “When our people negotiated with YN and asked them to help capture the prisoner, we felt that the other partys attitude was perfunctory.

At that time, we guessed that the prisoner might have sought the protection of a certain political figure on their side.

So, I also considered that someone would save Ah Da, so I secretly transferred Ah Da to Jindo City Prison a week ago.

Now, the prisoner who replaced Ah Da in Province Prison A is another murderer.”

Jiang Yao let out a sigh of relief.


Liang said, “But its also good that you told me about this, so I need to inform our people in Province A to prepare in advance so that there wont be any casualties in the face of a surprise attack.

I want them to come, but they wont leave here in one piece! Do they think were so easily bullied”


Liangs voice was powerful.

As a soldier, he had a sacred sense of responsibility and honor for their land and nation.

“I want our country to become on the international corps blacklist!” Mr.

Liangs words were full of determination.

He wanted to make those mercenary corps afraid of accepting any missions in their country.

He wanted to keep their country stable in the foreign eyes.

Then, Mr.

Liang asked again, “Do you need me to send people to protect you”


Liang knew about Jiang Yaos incident in YN.

After all, Jiang Yao had attracted a lot of attention when she arrived in the country.

The Liang familys appearance and Jiang Yaos resourcefulness had allowed her to avoid it narrowly.


Liang had never asked about Jiang Yaos so-called neurotoxin, but he had a vague feeling that Jiang Yao had something that sounded incredible.

Since someone was going after the thing in Jiang Yaos hand, he did not ask Jiang Yao to hand it over to the military for protection.

He thought of protecting Jiang Yao; he thought of her as a child.

He did not want her to get hurt while Lu Xingzhi was in closed-door training.

“Theres no need for that at the moment.

If there are too many people in the town now, it will attract unnecessary attention.

I have Big Ke and Ah Lu here now, and theyre enough for now,” Jiang Yao said.

However, she immediately changed her words after that.

“Uncle Liang, perhaps I do need you to send some people here because Im afraid that if the Zhu family and Master Sen cant catch me, they will use my family to threaten me.

Please arrange for people to protect my family, everyone in the Lu family, and the Jiang family.”

“Ill do that tonight,” Mr.

Liang said.

Jiang Yao thanked him gratefully.

“Thank you, Uncle Liang.

Have you returned to Jindo City Has everything been arranged in Province A”


Liang sighed.

“I still have to return to the province in a few days.

I have to handle the aftermath..

My mother suddenly fell sick today and was sent to the hospital, so I rushed back to see her.”

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