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After the chef finished cooking dinner, he was sent back to the city by Second Uncle Lus chauffeur.

The four of them sat at the dining table and ate the dishes cooked by the chef.

The three older adults even drank some wine.

The atmosphere at the table was very harmonious.

Second Uncle Lu sighed.

“Its a pity that Xingzhi has returned to the army base.

Otherwise, there would be one more person to drink with if he were here.

Ever since he went to the military academy, he has grown up well.

He spends less time with us in a year.

I wonder when he will come back again.”

Lu Xingzhis second uncle had objected when he went to the military academy.

However, with Lu Xingzhis personality, it was useless to oppose his decision.

That young man had always been ambitious since he was young, and he could make his own decisions.


Lu sighed.

“Theyre doing a closed-door training, and itll last for half a year.

Hes in another city, which is a little closer to our place.

Its also convenient for him to go home.

Its not like when he was in Tianjin City, where he had to spend so much time on the road when he came home.”

Jiang Yao did not interrupt them when the three adults talked about Lu Xingzhis work.

Instead, Moe pulled her pants leg, asking her to pick some meat and lobster for him.

Jiang Yao took advantage of the fact that the adults were not paying attention to anything else and picked up a large piece of lobster meat for Moe.

Jiang Yaos appetite was not big, but Moes appetite was enormous.

Finally, Jiang Yaos portion of meat went into Moes stomach.

They had dinner quite early.

After their meal, Second Uncle Lu had his driver take Jiang Yao and the other two back to town.

Therefore, when the three of them returned home, the sky had only started to show signs of darkening.

Moe ate until his belly was round and he was lying in Jiang Yaos pocket, yawning.

When Jiang Yao returned home, she took the medicine that she got from the county town and prepared it in the kitchen.

She would use it on Mrs.

Lu later.

However, as soon as she walked into the kitchen, Moe suddenly jumped out of her pocket and ran upstairs at a breakneck speed.

Jiang Yao looked in the direction that Moe had left in confusion.

Then, she turned on the stove and boiled the water.

She was still waiting for the water to boil when Moe returned to her in a battle-ready posture.

“While were out, two strangers came into the house.

Go and check if anything is missing from the house.”

Moe stood on the countertop.

“Their smell in the house is still very strong.

They must have left not too long ago.

Judging by the smell, it should be two men.”

Jiang Yaos hand, which was holding the pots lid, trembled.

She frowned.

Moe was an animal.

His sense of smell was more sensitive than an average persons.

He could still remember the smell of his family members.

So, he ran out of the house because he smelled the strangers scent.

“I walked around upstairs and found that your room and the study had the strongest scent.

Those two people should have stayed in those two places for the longest time.” He nudged Jiang Yao with his claws.

“Quickly, go up and see if anything is missing.”

Jiang Yao grunted, but she still waited for the water to boil before putting the medicine into the pot and adjusting it before going upstairs.


and Mrs.

Lu had already gone upstairs for so long, but they did not say anything about a burglar in the house.

They probably had not realized that anything was missing or that there were outsiders in the house.

Jiang Yao went into her bedroom and looked around.

The room was very neat—precisely the same as when she had left..

If Moe had not reminded her, she would not have known that a stranger had come into her bedroom.

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