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Chapter 1573: Going To The Town

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Jiang Yao followed Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu to the town as it was still early.

She went to the largest pharmacy to buy the medicine she needed before going to Second Uncle Lus house.

Second Uncle Lu did not usually have time to stay at home at that time of day.

He was essentially either at the office or on the way to social engagements.

However, that day was different.

That day, he was the one who invited his eldest brother and sister-in-law to dinner.

Therefore, after he knew that Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu had brought Jiang Yao to the town, he rushed home from the office.

Jiang Yao followed Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu into the house and found two new people there.

They looked like chefs and assistants from a big restaurant.

“Elder Brother and Sister-in-law, youve arrived”

Second Uncle Lu smiled when he saw them.

Then, he looked at Jiang Yao.

As a junior, Jiang Yao took the initiative to greet him.

“Hey, I knew you were back a few days ago.

Its just that Ive been busy lately and havent had time to see you.

I heard that youre not feeling well and came back to recuperate.

Whats going on” Second Uncle Lu had been busy those few days.

He had returned from a business trip the day before, so he had not had the time to ask about Jiang Yao.

He only heard rumors that Jiang Yao had gone home to recuperate.

When he called Mr.

Lu that morning, Second Uncle Lu thought that he would see her in the afternoon, so he did not ask too much over the phone.

“Its nothing serious.

Well speak in your study.” Outsiders were standing there, so Mr.

Lu did not tell them about Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi getting injured while on a mission, but he looked happy.

Second Uncle Lu saw that and knew that the rumors in the county town were most likely false.

Second Uncle Lu had been back in town for more than a day and had heard a lot about the reasons why Jiang Yao had gone home to recuperate.

There were outrageous rumors that Jiang Yao had been beaten by her soldier husband, Lu Xingzhi, until she was seriously injured and could not get out of bed.

So, she was sent home to recuperate.

The Lu family would also not let Jiang Yao go back to school.

Second Uncle Lu did not believe that rumor.

How could he not know his nephews character Lu Xingzhi would never lay a hand on Jiang Yao.

That kid looked cold and aloof to others, but he would always protect his family and wife.

He was the same as the other men from the Lu family.

There was another rumor that Uncle Lu might have believed a little more.

They said that Jiang Yao had miscarried, so Lu Xingzhi quickly sent her back to her hometown to recuperate.

Many people in the town said that they saw Mrs.

Lu buy fish and meat every day for her daughter-in-law to nourish her body.

Those things were not cheap.

Most daughters-in-law would not be able to eat those.

That rumor sounded reasonable—the couple might have gotten pregnant.

Jiang Yao might have miscarried while she was in the countryside where the conditions were not good.

Perhaps she was home to rest and care for her body.

After all, the young couple spent the entire new year together.

It was entirely normal for a young couple to have a child accidentally.

Second Uncle Lu initially believed that, so he prepared many supplements for Jiang Yao.

However, looking at his eldest brothers happy expression, he knew that even that rumor was fake.

Which elder would be so happy after their daughter-in-law had a miscarriage It was impossible.

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