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Chapter 157: Go After Her!

“Xuehui!” Jiang Yao yelled out after entering the field.

“Wen Xuehui!”

Then, a soft female voice echoed from a far corner, “Jiang Yao, Im over here.


The voice was vague and ambiguous perhaps due to the far distance, yet Jiang Yao stopped abruptly at the same spot.

Her first instinct told her that it was not Wen Xuehuis voice.

She and Wen Xuehui went way back.

They were together most of the time, so how could she not recognize Wen Xuehuis voice

As the sound of running getting closer and closer towards her, Jiang Yao immediately turned around and quickly ran towards the direction she had come from earlier.

“D*mn it! She ran away!” The serenity of the night sky was interrupted by the loud curses, followed by the more urgent and heavier footsteps.

“Go after her!” It was Zhang Xiqings voice ordering someone.

Then, she turned towards Jiang Yaos direction and shouted, “Jiang Yao, dont you want to know your husbands true colors Let me tell you that youve been cheated by your so-called husband!”

“D*mn! Why are you running away Stop right there! I wont eat you!” the outraged Qi Xiang screamed after her.

He didnt know what had gone through Jiang Yaos mind that she turned and ran away so abruptly.

Moreover, he didnt expect that a girl could run so fast! She ran out of the football field in a blink of an eye, running further and further away from them.

Qi Xiang suppressed the anger inside him and shouted ahead, “Zhou Weiqi! Dont you want to know about him”

That morning, when Zhang Xiqing told him that Jiang Yao would not come for dinner, Qi Xiang was indifferent and disinterested.

He had no problems finding women, so why would he care about a woman whose looks he didnt even know of However, when Zhang Xiqing showed him a picture, he gaped in amazement and an evil thought rose inside him.

No wonder Zhou Weiqi fell for her.

She was really beautiful.

Judging from the picture, Jiang Yaos beauty was pure and natural, unlike all the women he had mingled with all this while.

Purity and naivety that radiated from her flawless face carried totally different feeling from all the women he had been with.

Her face was engraved in his memory with just one glance.

Based on her looks alone, Jiang Yao was worth his effort to come to Nanjiang Medical University at this hour.

At first, they had asked someone to call Wen Xuehui away.

Then, they had asked Jiang Yao to the football field, impersonating Wen Xuehui.

Zhang Xiqing said that Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui were best friends, so she would certainly come for her.

As expected, less than half an hour later, Jiang Yao came.

He had asked someone to impersonate Wen Xuehui and call out to her, but Jiang Yao ran away.

After leaving the football field, Jiang Yao dashed towards the student hub.

When she was less than one kilometer away from the hub, she gradually slowed down to a stop when she heard Qi Xiangs yell.

As the people who were chasing her were slowly approaching her, they were panting and extremely exhausted.

She, on the other hand, looked like she just came from a leisurely walk.

Even her breathing was smooth and relaxed.

At this moment, she finally realized the advantage of enhanced physical strength.

Not only did her physique improved, but she could also run much faster now.

She, the fitness rookie, could easily outrun the brawny guys now.

The most lively student hub was just a kilometer away from them.

Confident with her advantages, Jiang Yao stopped boldly in spot, curious as to what Qi Xiang and Zhang Xiqing would tell her.

Qi Xiang finally arrived at where she stood.

He bent down and gasped desperately for air like a pup.

He managed to spit out in between his panting, “Oh, you really care about Zhou Weiqi.”

“I just want to know what youre about to tell me about him.” Jiang Yao secretly dialed Zhou Weiqis number on her phone.

There were not many numbers saved in her phone contact list and one of them was Zhou Weiqis number, which he had saved.

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