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Chapter 1569: Collapsing Defense Line

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He fell asleep in just a few seconds after speaking.

Soon, it was as if he had been hypnotized.

It was obvious how sleepy he was.

“It means that my mother wants me to remember you.”

“She told me that I had a brother and also a sister.

My name is Xiao Nian.

She hopes that I will remember my sister, whom I have never met.

Otherwise, one day, when she is old and dies, no one in that world would remember my sister, who had only been in the world for a few days.”

It turned out that there was someone in the world that cared for her for so long and so much.

That person cared so much that she was afraid that if she died, no one in that world would remember her.

So she carved it in the name of her other child.

That person incorporated a mothers love for her child into a childs name.

After knowing Cheng Jinnian for so long, Jiang Yao had never thought that Cheng Jinnians name represented his mothers concern for another person.

His mother probably thought that whenever Cheng Jinnian introduced his name to others like that, he would think of his sister, whom he had never met.

After she passed away, there would still be someone in the world who would take her place and miss the child who had caused her so much pain.

Jiang Yao sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the child sleeping peacefully.

Her heart felt a little sour, and her eyes watered.

That was the first time she looked at Cheng Jinnian at such a close distance, and it was also the first time she looked at Cheng Jinnian in such detail.

She looked at her younger brother, who shared the same blood as her.

They looked so much alike.

She had never felt any kinship with the Lin family.

Even though she had met them so many times, she had never felt anything for them.

There was only strangeness and lunacy.

When she found out about her background and saw Madam Cheng and Cheng Jinnian again, she felt something different.

She felt something deep in their heart, so she tried to suppress it.

She tried to control her emotions so that they would not break through the defense line and destroy her.

However, that seemed to have failed.

At that moment, it seemed like the defense line in her heart had collapsed.

Cheng Jinnians trust in her was beyond her expectations.

The first person he thought of was not Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu, who had been protecting him for the past few days, nor his subordinates, but her, who had always spoken coldly to him.

He must have seen her as more than some average person.

He was a little devil who could threaten people with a gun, but she could not hate him.

At about two oclock in the morning, Cheng Jinnians medication was done.

After Jiang Yao packed up her things, she raised her hand to touch Cheng Jinnians forehead.

Some children with poor body resistance were prone to fever, but fortunately, Cheng Jinnian was not one of them.

She rubbed her eyes, which were so sleepy that they could almost not stay open.

Then, she went to Cheng Jinnians room and left the boy in hers.

The next morning, Jiang Yao was woken up by the ringtone on her cell phone.

She touched the bedside table and pressed the answer button.

Since she slept late the previous night and it was still very early, Jiang Yao was still in an adorable state..

One could tell that she was still sleeping when she opened her mouth.

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